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0023581Community[OCCT] OCCT:Meshpublic2012-11-25 20:312013-03-07 15:44
ReporterRoman Lygin 
Assigned Tooan 
PlatformAOSLOS VersionL
Product Version[OCCT] 6.5.4 
Target VersionFixed in Version 
Summary0023581: [Regression] Performance of BRepMesh 6.5.4 can be up to Nx worse than 6.3.1
Description(Like 0023580, inspired by this forum thread - [^])

Performance of BRepMesh measured on a few medium complexity models can be up to 3x worse vs 6.3.1
Steps To Reproducesee enclosed readme-performance.txt
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Test case number
Attached Filestxt file icon readme-performance.txt (1,291 bytes) 2012-11-25 20:31
png file icon f1_hollow_631.png (461,410 bytes) 2012-11-29 11:23
png file icon f1_hollow_654.png (474,296 bytes) 2012-11-29 11:23
png file icon f1_shading_631.png (203,912 bytes) 2012-11-29 11:23
png file icon f1_shading_654.png (219,844 bytes) 2012-11-29 11:24
txt file icon readme-performance2.txt (2,020 bytes) 2012-11-29 23:11
zip file icon (785,709 bytes) 2012-11-29 23:11

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related to 0023105closedoan Exception during Meshing / Missing triangles 

-  Notes
kgv (developer)
2012-11-29 11:45

Dear Roman,

performance regressions couldn't be analyzed in such form.

First at all bug description should provide complete information about used models (should be attached to bug, path in OCCT repository, publicity accessible URL, confidential shapes could be provided to bugmaster via e-mail) and test scenarios.
I found only one model "F1.brep" ( [^] "The F1") which seems to be exactly corresponds to shape in report.

Second, this is incorrect to calculate time of vdisplay command to compare meshing algorithm. vdisplay calculates deflection parameters by it's own, may use different mesh plugins and involves 3D visualization tasks as well.
The more acceptable test case will be:

restore F1.brep s
tclean s
chrono l reset
chrono l start
incmesh s 15
chrono l stop
chrono l show
trinfo s

vsetdispmode 1
vdisplay s
trinfo s

Results for OCCT631:
> Elapsed time: 0.826 Second(s)
> CPU user time: 0.624004 seconds
> This shape contains 13982 triangles.
> 15723 nodes.
> Maximal deflection 14.332640235601703

Results for OCCT654:
> Elapsed time: 1.52602131781 Seconds
> CPU user time: 1.3260085 seconds
> This shape contains 25230 triangles.
> 20457 nodes.
> Maximal deflection 14.364915117921329

Concerning to F1.brep it is obviously noticeable on attached snapshots that OCCT631 significantly deviate from required deflection whilst OCCT654 produce more acceptable result (but require more triangles and time).
Roman Lygin (developer)
2012-11-29 23:11

Kirill, thanks for a fast turn-around.
OK to change the methodology (although the 'vdisplay' is closer to the overall end-user experience).
See the updated readme enclosed. The shaver.brep is enclosed, although you can rebuild from the web-site, following the URLs.
If you would like to follow up feel free to drop me a personal email. Discussion via Notes here can be not always efficient. We can put a summary afterwards here.

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