Scheduled For Release 2022-08-16
0033372: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Compilation of git master fails against vtk 9.2.6 (dpasukhi)
0033377: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - STEPCAFControl_Reader crash in OCC 7.7.0 (dpasukhi)
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Scheduled For Release 2022-08-16
0033261: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, Step Import - Empty shape after reading process (dpasukhi)
0033421: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain throws exception (akaftasev)
0033398: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain throws exception on specific STEP model (akaftasev)
0031217: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Exception is raised in GeomFill_SectionPlacement when parallel path and section (akaftasev)
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Scheduled For Release 2022-08-16
0033472: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - NCollection_UBTreeFiller compiler warning -Wdeprecated-declarations (dpasukhi)
0033448: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - incorrect result in solving 4th degree equations (dpasukhi)
0032949: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Infinite loop in ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain (dpasukhi)
0032268: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - a proposal for minimal build flag in CMake (vpozdyayev)
0030066: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Fail to load VRML from ArcGIS (vglukhik)
0033318: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Modifying the BRep flag after exporting the shape (vglukhik)
0023638: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Reading IGES file produced invalid shape (vglukhik)
0033113: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet::Build SIGSEGV (bugmaster)
0032570: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, AIS_AnimationObject - define rotation around axis (mzernova)
0032818: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Result of sweep operation is invalid (vglukhik)
0033180: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] We had a problem calling the OCC library at the customer site, and the program crashed (akaftasev)
0022821: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Crash with BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet (ddzama)
0033355: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - SetLayer incorrect string (bugmaster)
0033354: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - File saved path incorrect string (bugmaster)
0032421: [OCCT:Data Exchange] STEP parsing problem: incorrect PRODUCT text (bugmaster)
0030309: [OCCT:Visualization] AIS_Shape, Visualization - Free Boundary Aspect Is Not Correctly Used in Shaded Display Mode (bugmaster)
0031132: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Deactivate should not trigger Standard_ProgramError (bugmaster)
0031686: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - V3d_View::SetBackgroundImage() not working for .bmp .jpg and .tga formats (bugmaster)
0026400: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, Step Import - Wrong step file crashes OC (bugmaster)
0030013: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - errors occur on Step file import STEPControl_Reader::ReadFile (bugmaster)
0032151: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] [REGRESSION] Modeling Algorithms - BRepOffsetAPI_MakeThickSolid Generated fails in OCCT 7.5.1 (bugmaster)
0033262: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, Step Import - Empty shape after reading process (bugmaster)
0032695: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Wrong cut sphere face in step export (bugmaster)
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Scheduled For Release 2022-11-11
0030024: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - STEP export support of BRep shapes based on tessellated geometry (snn)
0030054: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffset_MakeOffset fails to build joints in intersection mode (inv)
0028414: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Step entity not correctly read (atereshi)
0033147: [OCCT:Coding] [Regression to 7.6.3] Coding, Configuration - CMake Error TBB "Directory is not set" (ddzama)
0033163: [OCCT:Mesh] Bad definition of values in IMeshData_Status (oan)
0032850: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Surface Surface Intersect Lost one line (smoskvin)
0032350: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - STEPControl_Writer.writeStream(std::ostream) (mahaidong)
0031926: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Shape Healing - ShapeAnalysis::OuterWire() considers next iteration element always to be a wire causing skipping of primal one (oan)
0028640: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepBuilderAPI_Transform builds invalid shape (nmanchen)
0023954: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepPrimAPI_MakeRevol fails to recognize a torus case (abulyche)
0032662: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - Missing header file in AIS_DataMapOfSelStat.hxx (vpozdyayev)
0032764: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - missing include guard in BRepExtrema_MapOfIntegerPackedMapOfInteger.hxx (vpozdyayev)
0032860: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules, Extrema_GenExtPS - add exported destructor (vpozdyayev)
0032926: [OCCT:Coding] Coding, StdPrs_ToolTriangulatedShape::Normal() - range of "for" not correspond to the NCollection index which run in "for" (vpozdyayev)
0032834: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - DESTDIR ignored for OpenCASCADECompileDefinitionsAndFlags-${CMAKE_INSTALL_CONFIG_NAME_LOWER}.cmake (vpozdyayev)
0032856: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - SONAME should include minor version in addition to major to reflect ABI compatibility (vpozdyayev)
0032831: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - drop misleading "FreeType 2.4.10 - 2.5.3" version range (vpozdyayev)
0032837: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation, Geom_Surface - add references to GeomLib::NormEstim() for Normal computations (vpozdyayev)
0033016: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - Draw Harness User Guide mentions removed commands 'meshdispmode' (vpozdyayev)
0033066: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - null pointer dereference in MeshVS_ElementalColorPrsBuilder::Build() function (vpozdyayev)
0032745: [PRODUCTS:PMI Visualization] PMI Visualization - NULL dereference while on sample STEP file (vpozdyayev)
0032241: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - wrong shading display of thrusections [regression since OCCT 7.4.0] (oan)
0032239: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, STEP import - bounding box is too large (ona)
0032960: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Wrong result of BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape after translation (ddzama)
0032859: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepLib_FindSurface not return an expect plane (ifv)
0033084: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Cylindrical prism is selectable only by its base when extruded in some directions (mzernova)
0024049: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Crash in BRepOffsetAPI_MakePipe (calls BrepFill_Sweep.cxx L2465 calls TopoDS_Shape.lxx L142) (abulyche)
0031479: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - exception on geometry transformation of triangulation-only shapes (without geometry surface) (azv)
0032446: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffsetAPI_MakePipeShell crash when using -DT mode and DT_ShapeDivide on the spine (akaftasev)
0032445: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffsetAPI_MakePipeShell crash when using -DT mode and DT_ShapeDivide on the spine (akaftasev)
0032943: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean operation Common has no result in specific example (bugmaster)
0032944: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean operation Common has no result in specific example (bugmaster)
0032945: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean operation Common has no result in specific example (bugmaster)
0032447: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffsetAPI_MakePipeShell result in inaccurate shape when using -DT mode and DT_ShapeDivide on the spine (akaftasev)
0033009: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - Bnd_OBB::ReBuild() expects point array starting from 0 (akondrat)
0032653: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Modeling Data - misprint in Geom2d_Conic.hxx api SetYAxis(const gp_Ax2d& theAY) (aml)
0032807: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Bad result of sweep operation when the UEdges has more than one intersect points (mgerus)
0032942: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Boolean operation Common has no result in specific example (ifv)
0031437: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Modeling Data - Offset surface throws exception when trying to evaluate at singularity point (azv)
0029435: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Exporting wires consisting of more than one edge results in loss of color data in IGES (atychini)
0032809: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Sweep algorithm with Round Corner mode failed (azv)
0029745: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Modeling Data - GeomAdaptor_Surface::VIntervals fails on periodic surfaces (abulyche)
0032863: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Cone surface returns wrong v derivative (azv)
0024772: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Intersection of cylinder and cone produces incorrect results (knosulko)
0023820: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Wrong result of projection algorithm when a polygon geometry is projected on a set of multiple faces (smoskvin)
0032697: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - fix compilation errors with oneTBB 2021 (smoskvin)
0032452: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - IGES reader returns invalid shapes if xstep.cascade.unit property is changed from default (smoskvin)
0023398: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation, Shape Healing User's Guide - example does not compile (inv)
0032720: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - rename glext.h to OpenGl_glext.h (smoskvin)
0032678: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules, ApproxInt_SvSurfaces - eliminate GCC -fsanitize=undefined error (smoskvin)
0032680: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, AIS_TextLabel - Bold FontAspect doesn't work (smoskvin)
0032672: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - eliminate GCC9 compiler warnings -Warray-bounds -fsantizize=undefined (smoskvin)
0029115: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Modeling Algorithms - [Regression] GeomAdaptor mistakenly reports non-periodic curves to be periodic (bugmaster)
0027903: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Patch AdvApp2Var_ApproxAFunc2Var to handle the non-uniform bspline segmentation conditions (bugmaster)
0032422: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - Weird rendering (bugmaster)
0029641: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesher produce 'bad' result for extruded spline with given deviation coefficient (bugmaster)
0030442: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - broken triangulation on pipe shape (bugmaster)
0033026: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean operation Cut has no result in specific example (bugmaster)
0032968: [OCCT:Data Exchange] TopLoc_Location::IsEqual and BRep_CurveOnSurface::IsCurveOnSurface seem to not match with each other (bugmaster)
0027459: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean fuse crash (ifv)
0032938: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Set view center manually (bugmaster)
0032156: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation, gendoc.tcl - wrong processing of 'mathjax' option (inv)
0032557: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Data - Use of BRepBuilderAPI_NurbsConvert create 2d p-curves with errors (ifv)
0031939: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - correction of spelling errors in comments (kgv)
0032236: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Exception on calculation optimal bounding box (smoskvin)
0030722: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape computes wrong distances (smoskvin)
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Scheduled For Release 2030-12-12
Unscheduled future version
0033485: [OCCT:Samples] Samples - Use Dear IMGUI as GUI based on GLFW sample (dpasukhi)
0033476: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - Fillet and Torus Meshing Visual Artifacts (akaftasev)
0033334: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Generating 2D front view from STEP file: Handle_HLRBRep_Data::NbEdges() == 0 (akaftasev)
0033477: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Boolean cut operation produces wrong result (akaftasev)
0030844: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Support import from and export to stream for data exchange interface (dpasukhi)
0033447: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BSpline curves, ellipse after operation offset try to export step gives error (akaftasev)
0032769: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Slow processing of very large STEP file (dpasukhi)
0031764: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet produces no fillet in specific example (dpasukhi)
0031209: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet produces no fillet in specific example (dpasukhi)
0030836: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet produces degenerated fillet in specific example (dpasukhi)
0033444: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Crash by reading STEP file (ika)
0033341: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse of torus and cylinder not build (akaftasev)
0033352: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Boolean common operation without result (akaftasev)
0033358: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Boolean cut operation with faulty result (akaftasev)
0033389: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Use BVH box to improve polyhedron intersection performance (akaftasev)
0033413: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Use Bnd_Box to replace HLRAlgo_PolyData::Box (akaftasev)
0033427: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Volume maker returns no result (akaftasev)
0033428: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Volume maker returns faulty result (akaftasev)
0033429: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Volume maker returns faulty result (akaftasev)
0033432: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet generates TopoDS_Solid with check-faults (akaftasev)
0031844: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - memory leak in Standard_MMgrFactory (abv)
0033043: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Cannot display the result edge in 3d viewer when project circle on plane (msv)
0028177: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - MSAA has no effect on clipping planes when using built-in GLSL programs (vpozdyayev)
0029254: [OCCT:Visualization] [Regression to OCCT 7.1.0] Programmatically highlighting AIS_Trihedron is not possible anymore (vpozdyayev)
0027866: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Invalid AIS_MultipleConnectedInteractive object detecting. (vpozdyayev)
0028075: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - AIS_ColorScale::SetTitlePosition() has no effect (vpozdyayev)
0028837: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Provide a selection style to make all object transparant except the selected object(s) (vpozdyayev)
0029753: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Virtual Aspect_Window should also consider position(x, y) besides size (length, width) (vpozdyayev)
0029998: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - PrsMgr_PresentableObject::SetLocalTransformation() does not support anisotropic scale (vpozdyayev)
0031330: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Can't change view background color of UWP QtANGLE (vpozdyayev)
0031448: [OCCT:Visualization] AIS_Manipulator doesn't work on ios (vpozdyayev)
0031964: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - add option to disable background color filling for external render buffer (vpozdyayev)
0024753: [OCCT:Coding] make IntPatch_HInterTool a static class (vpozdyayev)
0032435: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGles - crash inside Opengl ES on Adreno 506 android devices (vpozdyayev)
0032504: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGles - Crash inside drawArray on android platform (vpozdyayev)
0032657: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Select Wireframe Shape when Display in Wireframe Mode (vpozdyayev)
0032848: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, Graphic3d_TransformPers - add pre-multiply/post-multiply flag (vpozdyayev)
0032496: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - STEP surface_of_revolution does not display (gka)
0031667: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - Dependencies between targets are not specified for static builds and not public (bugmaster)
0032335: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - unable to build Inspectors with default qt5 on Linux (bugmaster)
0032650: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - QA warnings in 7.5.3 (vpozdyayev)
0032871: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, Media_FormatContext - compilation fails with FFmpeg 5.0 (vpozdyayev)
0025690: [OCCT:Data Exchange] STEPCAFControl_Writer should export Wire to COMPOSITE_CURVE rather than GEOMETRIC_CURVE_SET. (gka)
0026331: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation of compgraph parameter of STEPControl_Writer::Transfer () is missing (dpasukhi)
0026733: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - "nm" length unit is not supported to import and export (gka)
0027069: [OCCT:Data Exchange] IGES parser does not recognize comments in Parameters section (gka)
0027251: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Shape becomes invalid when exported to STEP and imported back (gka)
0027924: [OCCT:Data Exchange] IGES importer/exporter incorrectly parametrizes pcurves on conical surface (type 194) (gka)
0028070: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Writing surface to step removes internal lines and points (gka)
0029373: [OCCT:Data Exchange] STEP exporter writes TopoDS_Wire as TopoDS_Edges (gka)
0029375: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Names of entities do not appear when the STEP file is imported in CATIA (gka)
0030070: [OCCT:Data Exchange] VRML import feature should not remove triangles and form holes (gka)
0032120: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, STEP Import - missing one trimming loop from STeP file (gka)
0029671: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - Remove the direction recomputed mechanism for gp_Ax2 (abv)
0032462: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - missing face issue, bad surface and bad volume [Regression compared to OCCT 7.3.0] (oan)
0033027: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean operation Cut has invalid result in specific example (azv)
0033133: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepPrimAPI_MakeTorus does not return a torus (msv)
0024991: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Sweep with acute angle in spine produces wrong intersection results (ifv)
0026077: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - nurbsconvert of psphere fails the bopargcheck (msv)
0032947: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algoritms - BO fuse produces wrong result (msv)
0031610: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - HLRBRep_Algo removes visible edge (msv)
0032371: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Unnecessary range of iteration loop in an algorithm (msv)
0031453: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - simple chamfer smashes vertex tolerance (szy)
0031993: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean operation on arguments imported from a step file does not work correctly. (msv)
0032010: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] boolean fuse generate bad result (msv)
0032794: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Design clear and user-defined Tolerance Management (msv)
0032103: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Geom2dAPI_PointsToBSpline produces oscillating spline curve (msv)
0023314: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Helix curve distortion (jgv)
0024691: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Result of Boolean operation is invalid for bopcheck if rotated (ifv)
0024700: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Extend face by its edges (ifv)
0025554: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape ignores arguments Extrema_ExtAlgo and Extrema_ExtFlag (msv)
0026544: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape and Extrema_ExtFlag (msv)
0026545: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset build invalid shape with Intersetion mode. (msv)
0026550: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepBuilderAPI_FindPlane can't find plane with compund of vertices. (msv)
0026569: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepFeat_SplitShape fails to create new face when an added edge overlaps with an edge of the face (jgv)
0028158: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Ask for new feature to create a surface by specify 2 way curves like Proe's blend surface (msv)
0028167: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Fillet has strange form at its end (msv)
0029035: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean operation of Sphere and Cylinder result wrong (msv)
0030877: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] boolean failed on specific models (msv)
0031110: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Loft fails between two simple loop (msv)
0031111: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Boolean fails for two simple extrusion (msv)
0031116: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Boolean fails on two simple extrusion shapes (msv)
0031126: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Boolean fails (msv)
0031163: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Boolean fails for Cylinder and spiral (msv)
0031343: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BOP Cut operation generates unexpected result (msv)
0031319: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape won't find all intersections (msv)
0031344: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BOP Cut operation generates unexpected result (another case) (msv)
0027160: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Weird results of the pipe algorithm (msv)
0027997: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean section of two solids results in a broken section (msv)
0028274: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BOPAlgo_MakerVolume fails to create solid (msv)
0028279: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Greater oscillations and higher degree of resulting B-Spline in cylinder-cylinder intersections in 7.1.0 (msv)
0028354: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Filleting destroys shape if the filleted edge touches a seam edge (msv)
0028571: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset build invalid wire (msv)
0028596: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Erroneous fillet (msv)
0029085: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling - fillet fails on synthetic case (sphere cut by cylinder) (msv)
0025206: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Fillet creates edge with C0 continuity (ifv)
0025377: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Reference documentation of BRepAlgoAPI_Section::HasAncestorFaceOn1 should be similar to the one of HasAncestorFaceOn2 (ifv)
0025385: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] steep increase in tolerance by intersection (ifv)
0025798: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepFeat_SplitShape returns invalid result (msv)
0025856: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffsetAPI_ThruSections returns an invalid shape if one wire contains degenerated edges (msv)
0025541: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset can't make rectangular end cap even using GeomAbs_Intersection mode. (msv)
0025550: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepBuilderAPI_MakeFace does not create hole (msv)
0026274: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffsetAPI_MakePipeShell build an invalid round corner Shell. (msv)
0027614: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Sewing returns result with too high tolerance (gka)
0028151: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Sewing faces results in a shell with very big tolerance (gka)
0029561: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean Fuse constructs invalid shape when fusing cylinder with lattice structure (msv)
0029563: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Give access to tolerance in GeomAPI_ProjectPointOnCurve (msv)
0029577: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Unify face OuterWire method (msv)
0030178: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Move or Replace face local modeling feature (msv)
0029493: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - crash on fillet construction (msv)
0030455: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean cut get wrong result (msv)
0024997: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - SIGSEGV in BRepOffsetAPI_ThruSections (ifv)
0030367: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Distance Computation for Wire and Edge Gives Wrong Result (msv)
0029605: [OCCT:Samples] Samples, AndroidQt - Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling display issue (vpozdyayev)
0030521: [OCCT:Samples] OCCT Qt Samples Cannot Be Built With MSYS or MSYS2 (bugmaster)
0031349: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Modeling Data - GC_MakeSegment causes reading from NULL when start point and end point are identical (msv)
0032146: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Modeling Data - Add Ellipsoid Surface Support (msv)
0025123: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Feature request – enabling C0-to-G1 continuity upgrade for geometries (gka)
0026410: [OCCT:Shape Healing] ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain::Generated method returns mismatched shape. (gka)
0027246: [OCCT:Shape Healing] ShapeFix_Shape destroys shape (gka)
0027616: [OCCT:Shape Healing] DropSmallEdges doesn't remove small edges as expected (gka)
0031978: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Shape Healing - Wrong decision about connected edge in ShapeAnalysis_Wire (gka)
0033268: [OCCT:Documentation] Not escaped characters in BRep_Tool Class Reference (btokarev)
0025110: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - TCollection_IndexedDataMap::FindFromKey error when sweeping circle along BezierCurve (ifv)
0029410: [OCCT:DRAW] DRAW - make DRAWEXE usable without environment settings (apn)
0033166: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffset_MakeOffset fails to build joints in intersection mode (msv)
0026958: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Extend Grid visualization to fill the whole view automatically (vpozdyayev)
0033439: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain gives wrong result (akaftasev)
0033401: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - IntCurvesFace_ShapeIntersector results in a crash when used inside a loop (skbizport)
0033434: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Incorrect converting of model from .stp file to .gltf file (ika)
0033417: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Crash on BRepLib_ToolTriangulatedShape::ComputeNormals when deleting Poly_Connect (dpasukhi)
0033392: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Volume maker operation with wrong result (akaftasev)
0033376: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Boolean common operation with wrong result (akaftasev)
0033386: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, Step Import - Toroidal surface with single outer bound (ika)
0033368: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, Step Import - Split periodical surfaces (ika)
0033349: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Path tracing producing awkward artifacts (sshutina)
0032828: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Bad result of sweep operation due to near-tangent planes intersect (msv)
0033319: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - Static linking fails with unresolved symbols due to linking order and missing transitive dependencies (kgv)
0030971: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - can Font_BRepFont generate composite curve to C1 rather than to C0? (vpozdyayev)
0033103: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Add a pivot point and other offset manipulators to Graphic3d_Text or Font_TextFormatter (vpozdyayev)
0033107: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Add the possibility to use markers with a texture atlas (vpozdyayev)
0029374: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Names of underlying geometric entities cannot be set for TopoDS_Compound (gka)
0029562: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] GeomAPI_Interpolate modify const Handle< TColStd_HArray1OfBoolean > &TangentFlags (msv)
0025525: [OCCT:Application Framework] TObj_Model shoulde not call its virtual method GetApplication() in constructor. (mpv)
0026123: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffsetAPI_ThruSections history is wrong. (msv)
0033482: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Bad result with BRepAlgoAPI_Common (j.bourgoin)
0032883: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - missing shape for fuse operation (frank-pian)
0022849: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Bad import of a STEP file (error during triangulation). (ika)
0023581: [OCCT:Mesh] [Regression] Performance of BRepMesh 6.5.4 can be up to Nx worse than 6.3.1 (abv)
0024678: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Invalid result of Boolean fuse operation (msv)
0028511: [OCCT:Modeling Data] GProp_GProps missleading method name (msv)
0022719: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Performance problem of TCollection_AsciiString and OCCT memory manager (abv)
0033435: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, STEP import - change in colors of BRep (PeterB)
0030998: [OCCT:Data Exchange] STEPCAFControl_Writer will not export shape with Identity Location if there are other partner shapes with diff Location. (gka)
0033226: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Alghorithms - Infinite loop in HLRBRep_InternalAlgo::Update() generating 2D view of right hand side from STEP file (akaftasev)
0027112: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] GeomAPI_Interpolate produces wrong result (akaftasev)
0033418: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape wrong arc ellipse - point result (dpasukhi)
0033410: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, Step Import - TRIANGULATED_FACE from STEP where there are no pnval entries (dpasukhi)
0025685: [OCCT:Application Framework] Application Framework - TCollection_ExtendedString unicode storage in xml document is unreadable (dpasukhi)
0032046: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - CMake Installs .lib files to libd instead of lib on Windows (dpasukhi)
0030937: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - TNaming_NamedShape destructor should not be inlined (dpasukhi)
0030552: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - Stack overflow due to math_SingleTab static array size (abv)
0029766: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape Should Give Access to Its Solutions (msv)
0024868: [OCCT:Visualization] Visulization, TKOpenGl - Exception when many views are created (vpozdyayev)
0030332: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - RedrawImmediate don't apply view background color (vpozdyayev)
0027722: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - STEP error for Ellipse revol shape (dpasukhi)
0029272: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - failure of Inspector build when all modules are disabled (bugmaster)
0030072: [OCCT:Configuration] Name collisions between the debug and release library names (bugmaster)
0030383: [OCCT:Configuration] No option to build OCCT for Android with TBB (bugmaster)
0030977: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - OpenCASCADEConfig.cmake defines wrong dependency paths with -DINSTALL_FREETYPE=On (bugmaster)
0032819: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - VrmlAPI_Writer does not write all colors (dpasukhi)
0023490: [OCCT:Application Framework] LDOM_Element fails to find some attributes (agv)
0025683: [OCCT:Application Framework] Application Framework - No entrance to construct a LDOMBasicString from TCollection_ExtendedString (vro)
0029231: [OCCT:Configuration] Incorrect FRREIMAGE library detecting (ski)
0032204: [OCCT:Configuration] Test notification (ago)
0031925: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes, OSD_Host::InternetAddress() - possible NULL dereference on copying gethostbyname() result (vpozdyayev)
0022916: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Use common prefix for macros in OCCT code (ski)
0024909: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - SIGSEGV in buildsweep (akondrat)
0025589: [OCCT:Mesh] BRepMesh_WireInterferenceChecker doesn't report all cases of self-intersecting wires (oan)
0030217: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Intersection between a circle and a line not detected WHEN TANGENT (azv)
0031601: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffset_Tool - Segmentation Fault (vmigunov)
0031797: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Fillet/chamfer fails when applying any (null) GTransform (vmigunov)
0032811: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Bad result of sweep operation due to Surface Surface Intersect Bug (ifv)
0032855: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffsetAPI_MakeThickSolid - some characters cannot be hollowed out (azv)
0030201: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - ChFi3d_Builder::PerformMoreThreeCorner segfault by using nullptr (msv)
0027125: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Crashes in BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet (jgv)
0027553: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepFeat_SplitShape returns self-intersecting result since OCC 7.0.0 (jgv)
0022702: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Low performance of Boolean operations (msv)
0030208: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet failure on small edge (jgv)
0030892: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Improve Extrema_ExtPS algorithm by unifying the GRAD and TREE methods (emv)
0025081: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] bopcheck does not return (msv)
0022379: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Patch for Extrema (jgv)
0022605: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Vertex tolerance is not recognized during edge creation (jgv)
0024074: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] The result of BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset is Null and Error (ifv)
0025601: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] General Fuse fails on a Face and a Vertex on it. (emv)
0026487: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Very slow Boolean Cut of Prism and Half Space (nbv)
0026899: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Invalid fillet result (jgv)
0026901: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepFeat_SplitShape generates invalid result (jgv)
0027006: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset crash (ifv)
0027030: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Cannot make fillet using BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet on two cylinders unioned together. (jgv)
0027064: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Wrong results for simple boolean operations (nbv)
0028325: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - ProjLib_ComputeApproxOnPolarSurface unnecessary copies the surface (msv)
0022882: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Bug in fillet operation (jgv)
0023297: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Returning the same value twice in TopCnx_EdgeFaceTransition.cxx (jgv)
0026898: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Chamfer result of Cone is wrong (jgv)
0026900: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Wedge symetric chamfer results in wrong result (jgv)
0026946: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Fillet a wedge face get bad result (jgv)
0027279: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffsetAPI_NormalProjection fails to project an edge on a face (ifv)
0028593: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Plane/Cylinder intersection produces incorrect result (nbv)
0030461: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Two planar shape cut fail (emv)
0027075: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Geom_BSplineCurve cannot be evaluated at the end parameter (ssv)
0027373: [OCCT:Modeling Data] GeomConvert_ApproxSurface missing documentation for argument PrecisCode. (msv)
0027489: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Modeling Data - Ellipse display issue (ifv)
0030873: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Avoid the loop in reshaper (emv)
0022869: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Error during triangulation (gka)
0026166: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Improve ShapeHealing execution time on shape without PCurves (abv)
0026934: [OCCT:Shape Healing] ShapeFix_Shape damages the revolved shape (gka)
0026920: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepBuidlerAPI_MakeFillet crash 2 (abulychev-ext)
0033150: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepBuidlerAPI_MakeFillet Problem with 2d_Curve after Intersection (mgerus)
0028720: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - HLRBrep_PolyAlgo crash with specific shape (nmanchen)
0032857: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Error when finding the intersection between a new face made after a draft and the inner face of body (nmanchen)
0025022: [OCCT:Shape Healing] ShapeFix_Wire::FixIntersectingEdges finds wrong intersection point (abv)
0025587: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - Meshing algorithm doesn't consider isolated vertices inside face. (oan)
0028025: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Bad triangulation if step file was exported with write.surfacecurve.mode = 0 (gka)
0027705: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Boolean operation returns empty compound for a shape containing a nearly plane cone (msv)
0029253: [OCCT:Samples] TNaming_Sample run produced exception (msv)
0027656: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepFill_OffsetWire does not build offset of b-spline curves (msv)
0027007: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet issue (jgv)
0026935: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Implement Thicken Sheet in OCCT (msv)
0025755: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepAlgoAPI_Fuse incorrect behavior (ssv)
0025771: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] fusion of cylinder and torus generates self intersections and invalid imbrications (ssv)
0025909: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Exception "Standard_NoSuchObject: BRep_Tool:: no parameter on edge" is raised when making offset of the sweep (msv)
0022555: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Using higher precision (17) in BRepTools::Write() (jgv)
0022580: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Improvement of BRepTools_Modifer (jgv)
0023050: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Geom2d_BSplineCurve InsertPoleAfter (jgv)
0025444: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Enabling user-defined deleter for NCollection_Handle (abv)
0033366: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - Add description of BRepAlgoAPI_Algo::Shape() (vglukhik)
0031223: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - CMake is unable to find Doxygen (bugmaster)
0033385: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepPrimAPI_MakePrism stores duplicated curves in a transformed TopoDS_Shape (bugmaster)
0032035: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - bug in OpenCASCADEConfig.cmake when using INSTALL_DIR_CMAKE (bugmaster)
0025682: [OCCT:Application Framework] Application Framework - TObj_Model::GetModelName() should store in document in unicode mode instead of ascii mode (bugmaster)
0031784: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Progress stop at postion 99% when exporting BREP and IGES for some cases (bugmaster)
0031988: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - use Quantity_ColorRGBA as background rather than Quantity_Color to support alpha channel (bugmaster)
0023860: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Bad memory access intersecting two nearly coincident cylindrical faces (bugmaster)
0032343: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Pipe does not represent the profiles' shapes (bugmaster)
0033381: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain build invalid shape (bugmaster)
0033443: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Crash by reading STEP file (bugmaster)
0025586: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - Poor mesh quality, or failure of meshing for closed extruded surfaces with holes (bugmaster)
0022560: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Extrema redesign (bugmaster)
0027390: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Box and Ellipsoid shape boolean cut and common introduce invalid result. (bugmaster)
0025533: [OCCT:Application Framework] XML unicode path issue. (abv)
0027874: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - There are no way to add local selection in Global Context. (bugmaster)
0023857: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Degenerate surface normals occur on face boundary. (abv)
0027200: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Bounding box of Surfaces (bugmaster)
0026238: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - flicking when draw dynamic AIS object on Radeon (bugmaster)
19 of 255 issue(s) resolved. Progress (7%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2022-08-16
0033490: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - eliminate code duplication in XCAFDoc_ViewTool (dpasukhi)
0033489: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - redundant instances of XCAFDoc_GraphNode are created in XCAFDoc_ViewTool (dpasukhi)
0033419: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - Updating test case data (dkulikov)
0033343: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation, Overview - Incorrect doxygen syntax (btokarev)
0033391: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - Clearing old definition way for strcasecmp (dpasukhi)
0033379: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - Processing Clang-15 warnings (dpasukhi)
0033378: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - Moving ExpToCas into separate module (dpasukhi)
0033350: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, Step Import - Improving parsing performance (dpasukhi)
6 of 8 issue(s) resolved. Progress (75%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2022-08-16
0033425: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - Impliment JeMalloc memory manager (dpasukhi)
0033478: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - rework math_Vector with stack grabbing (dpasukhi)
0033397: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Implementing support for the Animation storage (dpasukhi)
0032116: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - AIS_Manipulator is unusable when attaching to objects with Graphic3d_TMF_ZoomPers (drochalo)
0033438: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Alghorithms - GTransform crashes on mesh transformation (dpasukhi)
0033342: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - GeomConvert_CurveToAnaCurve outside array bounds (dpasukhi)
0033388: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - Separate DE dependence from visualization (dpasukhi)
0033404: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - Building with Cotire failed on Clang-15 (dpasukhi)
0033407: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Shape Healing - Exception on fixshape call (anv)
0033423: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - Memory leak with locale conversion (dpasukhi)
0031197: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - SetTransformPersistence for highlight, select presentations (mzernova)
0033442: [PRODUCTS:Datakit Exchange] Datakit Exchange - Saved Views support (dpasukhi)
0033221: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - Resource files are not deleted after testing (dpasukhi)
0033259: [PRODUCTS:Configuration] Configuration - Building CMake on MinGW compiler turns off third-party tbb (dpasukhi)
0033351: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, Step - Improvement for thread safety of the STEP translator (vglukhik)
0033436: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, DE_Wrapper - DEXCAFCascade_ConfigurationNode::BuildProvider() not initialize provider (oan)
2 of 16 issue(s) resolved. Progress (12%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2022-08-16
0033483: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Static_Interface local instance for the model (ichesnokova)
0030484: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, SelectMgr_ViewerSelector - Graphic3d_TMF_2d persistence sorting issues (mzernova)
0021753: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - improve shaded display of conical objects (abv)
0025471: [OCCT:Tests] Group of tests "sewing/tol_100" is useless. (gka)
0026598: [OCCT:Tests] Some test cases fail if macros OCCT_DEBUG is enabled (abv)
0021142: [OCCT:Samples] Memory leaks using standard OCCT samples (abv)
0030947: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms, BRepClass_FaceClassifier - Incorrect classification of the point (ifv)
0032893: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - Regressions on Ubuntu 20.04 (bugmaster)
0032699: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - Horizontal scroll bar missing in the Reference manual (bugmaster)
0028933: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - CMake generates OCCT project without SSE options for 32-bit Linux target (oan)
0029256: [OCCT:Application Framework] Application Framework - TDocStd_Application does not provide an interface for appending entities to already opened document (vpozdyayev)
0023997: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Getting rid of generic classes in DataExchange (abv)
0031644: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - flat skin for AIS_Manipulator presentation (vpozdyayev)
0005582: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Impossible to make offset on the shape with degenerated edge (bugmaster)
0033474: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Implement stream reading into RWMesh interface (dpasukhi)
0027223: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, Ray Tracing - add support of clipping planes (vpozdyayev)
0030549: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - split Image_AlienPixMap into several classes (abv)
0033486: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Mistake in processing of the oriented dimensions (bugmaster)
0033470: [OCCT:Application Framework] Application Framework - TDataStd_NamedData HasSmth() methods return true for empty containers. (bugmaster)
0031956: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - provide Image_AlienPixMap::Save() writing into a memory buffer instead of a file (mzernova)
0033337: [OCCT:DRAW] DRAW - Can't load plugins on Linux OS (dpasukhi)
0032896: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualisation - Regressions on Ubuntu 20.04 (bugmaster)
0033062: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Crash in postprocessing of imported shape (bugmaster)
0032904: [PRODUCTS:Coding] Coding - Compilation errors on OCCT Products on on Ubuntu 20.04 c++20 (ddzama)
0030839: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - triangulation-only STEP file is read as empty shape (bugmaster)
0021061: [OCCT:Configuration] Elaborate a tool to control cyclic dependencies between toolkits (bugmaster)
0031822: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - setting of Debugging properties via target properties instead of template file (bugmaster)
0032963: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - create a convenient mechanism for managing shape healing options when reading STEP or IGES file (bugmaster)
0032244: [OCCT:Configuration] Test push (bugmaster)
0026168: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Lost colors for IGES import (bugmaster)
0032885: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - Problem with NCollection on VS2019/C++20 (bugmaster)
0032267: [OCCT:Samples] Samples - convert JNIViewer sample from Java to Kotlin (bugmaster)
0032084: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - WebGL sample errors when run in Safari browser with experimental WebGL 2.0 option (bugmaster)
14 of 33 issue(s) resolved. Progress (42%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2022-11-11
0032906: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - get rid of std::iterator inheritance (deprecated since C++17) (ddzama)
0032352: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - clean up code from compatibility hacks with pre-C++11 compilers (vpozdyayev)
       0032714: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - drop VS2010 from minimal requirements (smoskvin)
0032954: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Tool for applying transformation to XCAF document (snn)
0031009: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - alloc-dealloc-mismatch reported by Clang address sanitizer in IntCurvesFace_ShapeIntersector (azv)
0033117: [OCCT:Coding] Coding, Configuration - migration to intel oneTBB 2021.5.0 (c++20 ready) (ddzama)
       0032921: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - allow selecting C++ standard (ddzama)
0028500: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - Artifact in shaded view of the shape (oan)
0033053: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, Step Export - Compound with vertex is ignored (dpasukhi)
0032897: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - include elapsed time into test log (vpozdyayev)
0032959: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, OpenVR - add Oculus Touch controller bindings (vpozdyayev)
0032970: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - fix compilation on Linux: 'False' was not declared (vpozdyayev)
0032729: [OCCT:Coding] Test commit message (inv)
0032918: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - suppress MSVS warnings from 3rdparty `rapidjson` on VS2019/C++20 (ddzama)
0032916: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - eliminate MSVS warning C26451 on VS2019/C++20 (Arithmetic overflow: Using operator '+' on a 4 byte value...) (ddzama)
0032909: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - replace (removed from C++17) `std::random_shuffle` with `std::shuffle` for random permutation algorithm (ddzama)
0032910: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - fix uninitialized class fields in constructor initialization block reported by VS2019/C++20 (ddzama)
0032924: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - export INTERFACE_INCLUDE_DIRECTORIES within targets (vpozdyayev)
0032917: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - eliminate MSVS warning C26440 on VS2019/C++20 (If your function may not throw, declare it noexcept) (ddzama)
0032955: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness, ViewerTest - extend vcolorconvert command to print color in hex format (vpozdyayev)
0032919: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules, CMake - suppress useless MSVC warning C26812 on VS2019/C++20 (prefer 'enum class' over 'enum') (ddzama)
0032908: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - fix E0349 MSVC compilation error on VS2019/C++20 (ddzama)
0028024: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - revise XSTEPResource initialization (atereshi)
0033055: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, RWPly_Provider - remove dependency from BRepLib_PointCloudShape (dpasukhi)
0032820: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - add VRML reader to XCAF document (dpasukhi)
       0033190: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Error on de_wrapper/configuration/A3 (atychini)
0031481: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - provide parser of STEP EXPRESS schema for generation of new STEP entities (abv)
       0033142: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, genproj - ExpToCasExe building fails with generated VS projects (vpozdyayev)
0033191: [PRODUCTS:Documentation] JT interface user guide needs an update (btokarev)
0033070: [PRODUCTS:IFC Import] IFC Import - Upgrade IfcOpenShell to the new version (atychini)
0033020: [PRODUCTS:Coding] Adding the QMAKE_CFLAGS_ISYSTEM variable to sample profiles (smoskvin)
0032815: [PRODUCTS:Configuration] Documentation: new links for Products User guides (btokarev)
0033149: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - misprint in BRepMesh_NURBSRangeSplitter::computeGrainAndFilterParameters() (oan)
0033152: [OCCT:Configuration] Fix searching tbb in 3rdparty directory (ddzama)
0033140: [PRODUCTS:JT Import] Coding, Jt Import - Incrorrect layer's string conversion [REGRESSION since 0033125] (bugmaster)
0033153: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration: Linker error when building from source for VS2022 x64 (ddzama)
0033141: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] BVH_BaseBox<T, 3, BVH_Box>::Transformed() returns empty box for identity matrix (kgv)
0033032: [OCCT:Samples] Samples - eliminate GCC compiler warnings -Wmisleading-indentation and -Wcatch-value on Ubuntu 20.04 (azv)
0027142: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - add possibility to set location in XCAFDoc_ShapeTool interface (aba)
0032900: [PRODUCTS:Coding] Coding Rules - eliminate GCC9 compiler warnings -Wclass-memaccess in RWPointCloud_PointFilter.hxx (bugmaster)
0032690: [PRODUCTS:Volume Rendering] Volume Rendering - add Hello World sample (bugmaster)
0032663: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - remove AIS_SequenceOfInteractive (vpozdyayev)
0032733: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - fix misprints in Doxygen tags (vpozdyayev)
0032763: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - eliminate CLang warning -Wbitwise-instead-of-logical in math_FunctionSetRoot.cxx (vpozdyayev)
0033073: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules, RWGltf_CafWriter - suppress CLang warning coming from Draco library (vpozdyayev)
0032738: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, scripts - handle ABI list within iOS building script adm/scripts/ (vpozdyayev)
0032739: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, scripts - handle ABI list within macOS building script adm/scripts/ (vpozdyayev)
0032783: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - Doxygen 1.9.3 generates corrupted HTML for dox/samples/ (vpozdyayev)
0032795: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - clarify indexation range within Poly_Triangulation/Graphic3d_ArrayOfPrimitives classes (vpozdyayev)
0032826: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - use OSD_FileSystem within RWStl::ReadAscii() and StepFile_Read() (vpozdyayev)
0032854: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - minor clean-up of User Guide for XDE module (vpozdyayev)
0032989: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, RWGltf_CafReader - fill in metadata map from asset.extras (vpozdyayev)
0033054: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - link errors due to missing references to new TKXDE toolkit (vpozdyayev)
0032732: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - do not include system headers within OpenGl_GlFunctions.hxx (vpozdyayev)
       0032740: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules, OpenGl_Context.cxx - new warning on macOS after integration fix for 0032732 (vpozdyayev)
0032758: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - disable shadow-map from transform-persistence objects (vpozdyayev)
0032841: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - add 16-bit grayscale pixel format to Image_PixMap (vpozdyayev)
0032862: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, Graphic3d_TextureMap - add 3D texture definition (vpozdyayev)
0032704: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, Prs3d_Drawer - do not implicitly create aspects within getters (vpozdyayev)
0032725: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Graphic3d_Structure::SetDisplayPriority() should use public enumeration Graphic3d_DisplayPriority (vpozdyayev)
       0032952: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules, Graphic3d_DisplayPriority - rename inconsistent Below2/Above1 enties (vpozdyayev)
0032886: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, V3d_View - introduce interface for creating a subview (vpozdyayev)
       0032935: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGles - use size window within OpenGl_Window::init() (vpozdyayev)
       0032975: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - do not blit inactive Subview (vpozdyayev)
0032976: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - AIS_InteractiveContext::FitSelected() includes objects invisible in current View (vpozdyayev)
0032978: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - AIS_ViewController::PickPoint() includes objects invisible in current View (vpozdyayev)
0033056: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - add front face culling option (vpozdyayev)
0033114: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - AIS_Animation returns 0 elapsed time after finishing playback (mzernova)
0031449: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - BRepMesh works too long and produces many free nodes on a valid face (oan)
0032957: [OCCT:Coding] [REGRESSION] Coding - problem compile OCCT using vc12 due to `noexcept` (ddzama)
0033137: [OCCT:Documentation] Updating minimal supported Microsoft Visual Studio version up to 2015 (VC140) (ddzama)
0032921: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - allow selecting C++ standard (ddzama)
0033112: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - AIS_InteractiveContext::RecomputeSelectionOnly() should handle selection tolerance changes (mzernova)
0032986: [OCCT:Samples] Samples - csharp sample is crashed on compilation with VC++ 2022 (ddzama)
       0032921: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - allow selecting C++ standard (ddzama)
0032172: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - implement simple shadow mapping for a spot light source (mzernova)
0032782: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKD3DHost - improve robustness of test case opengl/drivers/d3dhost (ngavrilo)
0032547: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, Select3D_SensitiveCylinder - implement picking of a hollow cylinder (mzernova)
0033100: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - XCAFDoc_Editor::RescaleGeometry does not rescale triangulations (msv)
0032979: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, RWGltf_CafWriter - support multi-threaded Draco compression (smoskvin)
0032992: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Font_TextFormatter should wrap words when possible (ngavrilo)
0031361: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling algorithms, GeomFill_Pipe - an exception arises when building tube (mgerus)
0030160: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] DBRep_IsoBuilder builds wrong isolines for planar faces (azv)
0029325: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - add tool BRepLib_PointCloudShape for generation point cloud for specified shape (gka)
0033048: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - math_ComputeKronrodPointsAndWeights indexation goes beyond the limit (aml)
0033011: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Backward compatibility XBF format (dpasukhi)
0032716: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepBuilderAPI_Transform discards triangulation (abulyche)
       0033049: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Command 'tclean -geom' does not remove all geometric objects from the shape (azv)
0033025: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused Standard_TooManyUsers class (aml)
0033029: [OCCT:Coding] Warning on Windows 32 and 64 with VC14 after the integration of ticket 32821 (atychini)
0032894: [OCCT:Application Framework] Application Framework - Regressions on Ubuntu 20.04 (mpv)
0033019: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused classes (aml)
0032922: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, STEP - The torus is stored incorrectly in STEP format (atereshi)
0032953: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - add missing references where applicable (aml)
0032920: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - fix checking of std::stringstream buffer size on VS2019/C++20 (ddzama)
0032907: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - eliminate MSVC warning C5054 on VS2019/C++20 (operator &,|: deprecated between enumerations of different types) (ddzama)
0032903: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - eliminate MSVC warning C26451 on VS2019/C++20 (ddzama)
0032870: [OCCT:Application Framework] Tests - bugs/caf/bug31918_1 is unstable (mpv)
0032861: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, AIS_ViewController - dragging doesn't work with disabled View rotation (sshutina)
0024657: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] 2dintersect returns different number of intersect points (AndreyLA)
0032717: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepBuilderAPI_Copy should not remove triangulation from surface-less faces (smoskvin)
0032817: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, Step export - writing untrimmed curve (atychini)
0032442: [OCCT:Application Framework] Application Framework - Problems of testing on MacOS arm64 platform (mpv)
0024418: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Wrong section curves when intersecting analytical surfaces (bugmaster)
0032722: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - performance counters disappear at some camera viewpoints (smoskvin)
       0032866: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGles - FitAll() is broken when performance counters are displayed (vpozdyayev)
0032849: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Intersection algorithm returns incomplete result (ifv)
0029219: [OCCT:Application Framework] Application Framework - XML document is written with CRLF on Windows (vro)
0032810: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - missing Standard_EXPORT in Standard_ErrorHandler (aml)
0032780: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - add smoothing to row interlaced stereoscopic output (bugmaster)
0032686: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, Wasm_Window - filter out unexpected pressed buttons state within mouse move / up events (smoskvin)
0032606: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - add a shader for sky V3d_View::BackgroundSkydome() (smoskvin)
0032736: [PRODUCTS:Kinematics] Kinematics - duplicated Kinematics_GUIDs.cxx in Kinematics/FILES (ago)
0026174: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, IGES - Loss of color after the second write of file (ssafarov)
0032668: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - add tutorial for creating a custom AIS Interactive Object (bugmaster)
0028642: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffsetAPI_ThruSections/BRepFill_Generator are modifying the input shape sections (bugmaster)
0032713: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, OpenGl_GlFunctions - unify OpenGL and OpenGL ES function lists (smoskvin)
0032718: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness, ViewerTest - fix misprint in vanim command description (smoskvin)
0032682: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness, ViewerTest - add -rotationMode and -navigationMode to vcamera (smoskvin)
0032676: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness, ViewerTest - fix NULL dereference on vanim -remove (smoskvin)
0032658: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - add missing GLFW sample to dox/samples/ (inv)
0032655: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, qmake - add missing CSF_Draco (inv)
0032724: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules, Graphic3d_Structure - remove unused property Graphic3d_Structure::ContainsFacet() (smoskvin)
0032723: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness, ViewerTest - sloppy animation in WebGL (smoskvin)
0026171: [OCCT:Coding] Coding rules - eliminate -Wshorten-64-to-32 CLang warnings (inv)
       0032727: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - eliminate CLang warning -Wshorten-64-to-32 in MessageView_ActionsTest.cxx (smoskvin)
0032709: [OCCT:Samples] Samples, MFC - remove samples Viewer2d, Viewer3d, Ocaf, Triangulation, Animation, Convert (smoskvin)
0032705: [OCCT:Tests] Test - name clashes within temporary files within bugs/caf/bug23766_X (smoskvin)
0032694: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation, Draw Harness Guide - update ViewerTest commands (smoskvin)
0032683: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules, XCAFDoc_Editor::CloneMetaData() - unexpected bitwise operations (smoskvin)
0032689: [PRODUCTS:Volume Rendering] Volume Rendering - Simple scenario (high-level API usage) in the user guide is out of date (bugmaster)
0032685: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness - help output smashes command names without delimiter (smoskvin)
0032684: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness - fix Draw_Interpretor::Add() misuse due to overloaded syntax (smoskvin)
0032677: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules, Geom_BezierSurface - eliminate GCC warning -Wmaybe-uninitialized -fsanitize=undefined (smoskvin)
0032675: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness, ViewerTest - remove command vr (smoskvin)
0030365: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Create tool to compute deviation between any 2D-curve and some its segment (smoskvin)
0032448: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Provide exact validating (as option) using GeomLib_CheckCurveOnSurface (inv)
0032648: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGles - support MSAA anti-aliasing within WebGL 2.0 (inv)
0026706: [OCCT:Tests] Create commands for testing procedure (bugmaster)
0025754: [Website:Tracker] Mantis should allow selection of any person in the filter (bugmaster)
0028955: [Website:Tracker] Mantis and Git integration - sort files in diff view (bugmaster)
0032382: [TOOLS:Jenkins Certification Tool] Jenkins - Cleaning resources Case 2 (bugmaster)
0032368: [Website:Portal] Website - broken layout of 3rd-party components page (bugmaster)
0032741: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers (bugmaster)
       0032969: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers [IMeshData to PLib] (vpozdyayev)
       0032832: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers [FairCurve to GeomAPI] (aml)
       0033041: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers [TopTools to Xw] (aml)
             0033072: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - ViewerTest_EventManager.cxx compilation error due to missing header on Emscripten (vpozdyayev)
       0033040: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers [Storage to TopOpeBRepTool] (aml)
       0033039: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers [StepData to StlAPI] (aml)
       0033022: [OCCT:Coding] Сoding - get rid of unused headers [ShapeBuild to STEPControl] (aml)
       0033018: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers [Plugin to ShapeAnalysis] (aml)
       0032961: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers [IGESAppli to IGESToBRep] (aml)
       0032806: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers [Contap to Extrema] (aml)
             0032812: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - problem after integration 32806 (aml)
             0032827: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - compilation error on Emscripten SDK (vpozdyayev)
       0032951: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers [GeomConvert to IGESBasic] (aml)
             0032958: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - compilation fails with OCCT_DEBUG=ON (aml)
       0032781: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers [BRepCheck to ChFiKPart] (bugmaster)
       0032768: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers [BopAlgo to BRepBuilderAPI] (aml)
       0032751: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers [AppStd to BndLib] (aml)
       0032742: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused headers [Adaptor2d to Approx] (aml)
0032647: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGles - maximized window has stretched content (bugmaster)
0029242: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Crash during reading STEP file. (bugmaster)
0032993: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - compilation error on including IntAna_Quadric.hxx (bugmaster)
0032994: [OCCT:Coding] key word `noexcept` is undefined on visual studio 2013 (vc12) (bugmaster)
0032966: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, STEP - some PMI entities are lost on import (bugmaster)
0032615: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused forward declarations (bugmaster)
       0032838: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused forward declarations (misc) (aml)
       0032743: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - remove unused class friends of Package classes (vpozdyayev)
       0032696: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused forward declarations [StepSelect to Xw] (smoskvin)
       0032667: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - get rid of unused forward declarations [LibCtl to StepRepr] (smoskvin)
0032937: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - cannot maximize attached shape (aml)
0032292: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - improve HLRBRep_PolyAlgo readability part 1 (bugmaster)
0032429: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - Warnings during compilation on macosx arm64 with option BUILD_Inspector:BOOL=ON (kgv)
0030747: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - 2d Curves concatenator doesn't properly process closed contours. (smoskvin)
0032486: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - custom transform persistence for AIS_InteractiveObject that sub-groups having own persistence (bugmaster)
175 of 175 issue(s) resolved. Progress (100%). View Issues
Scheduled For Release 2030-12-12
Unscheduled future version
0025188: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, Step Export - Losing shapes after import (ichesnokova)
0030330: [OCCT:Mesh] Take internal isolines "grown" from the nodes of discretized edge if their normals are different significantly (akaftasev)
0032881: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Modeling Data - Extrema curve/curve cannot find all extrema points. (akaftasev)
0024735: [OCCT:Visualization] Revision of AIS_Dimension parameters updating mechanism (nds)
0024918: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, MeshVS - improve rendering of volume mesh (san)
0028505: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - let dynamic elements of interactive object notify of bounding box changing (aba)
0030995: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - crash in angle computation between curvilinear faces (nds)
0031105: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - provide built-in environment maps (iko)
0031134: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - update links of highlight drawers in SetAttributes (nds)
0031149: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - using clipping planes for FitAll of V3d_View (nds)
0031150: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - provide interface to change selection entities sensitivity factor (nds)
0031787: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - possibility to save selection state of owners after erasing of presentation (nds)
0031788: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - possibility to have some cache of filtered owners during selection (nds)
0025308: [OCCT:Coding] TCollection_ExtendedString, NCollection_String - merge classes for string management (szy)
0025725: [OCCT:Coding] Avoid invocation of virtual methods in constructors and destructors (abv)
0027898: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, Ray Tracing - Use OpenGL background drawing subroutines in ray tracing (dbp)
0029449: [OCCT:Coding] Methods GeomInt_LineTool::DecompositionOfWLine IntTools_WLineTool::DecompositionOfWLine(...) need to be joined in one (msv)
0031646: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - shadow mapping within real-time renderer (iko)
       0032173: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - implement simple shadow mapping for a point light source (osa)
0032073: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - implement interface to change myToFlipOutput of OpenGl_View (nds)
0032135: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - possibility to redefine zoom persistent scale compute in Graphic3d_TransformPers (nds)
0032179: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - viewer clears QML controls content during redraw on Intel HD Graphics 520 (nds)
0033162: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration: Enabling BUILD_WITH_PCH flag causes compilation warnings (ddzama)
0027748: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - clipping and capping improvements (vpozdyayev)
0027955: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - handle positional lights within transformation persistent objects (vpozdyayev)
0030631: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Vulkan graphic driver prototype (vpozdyayev)
       0031581: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, Graphic3d - add dedicated structure defining rasterization Pipeline parameters (vpozdyayev)
       0030126: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, Graphic3d_ShaderManager - define standard Lighting & Clipping within custom GLSL programs as template functions (ngavrilo)
0031694: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - filter invisible peripheral areas while rendering in VR (vpozdyayev)
0032325: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Possibility to use fixed positioned light source (vpozdyayev)
0032457: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - interactive loading/unloading LODs according to view state (vpozdyayev)
0032487: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - synchronize myHasEntityWithPersistence with such entities number (vpozdyayev)
0026704: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - do not allocate unused depth-stencil buffer for window (vpozdyayev)
0027257: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - bind integer vertex attributes (vpozdyayev)
0028124: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - availability of standard textures (vpozdyayev)
0030912: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - OpenGl_Text with height less than 2 points (vpozdyayev)
0031129: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - revise background / environment API (vpozdyayev)
0031401: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - revise Toolkits dependency graph (vpozdyayev)
       0031429: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - move out core AIS packages from TKV3d to TKService (vpozdyayev)
0031584: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - support cubemap Ambient lighting within Graphic3d_TOSM_FRAGMENT shading (vpozdyayev)
0031607: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, Graphic3d_Aspects - store Front/Back shading materials via Handles (vpozdyayev)
0031653: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, V3d_View - get rid of Computed Mode (vpozdyayev)
0031666: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - implement Aspect_XRSession interface for OpenXR (vpozdyayev)
0031973: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - deprecate StdPrs_WFDeflectionRestrictedFace tool (vpozdyayev)
0032166: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, AIS_InteractiveContext - deprecate trivial accessors to Prs3d_Drawer properties (vpozdyayev)
0024866: [OCCT:Coding] Single definition of axis-aligned bounding box should be used across OCCT (vpozdyayev)
0026552: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - revise usage of reinterpret_cast<> (vpozdyayev)
0028203: [OCCT:Coding] Coding rules - check testing with MMGT_CLEAR turned OFF (vpozdyayev)
0029071: [OCCT:Coding] VC10 compiler warnings 'unreachable code' when building with link-time code generation (vpozdyayev)
0029161: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - No_Exception is defined within packages ElSLib, HLRAlgo, HLRBRep, Intrv even for Debug target (vpozdyayev)
0030557: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - eliminate errors reported by -fsanitize (vpozdyayev)
       0030986: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - heap-buffer-overflow reported by Clang address sanitizer in HLRBRep_Data.cxx (msv)
       0030989: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - heap-use-after-free reported by Clang address sanitizer in OpenGl_Structure::IsRaytracable() (vpozdyayev)
0031073: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - Image_PixMapData shall have data fields private (vpozdyayev)
0031214: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - minor improvements of opencascade::handle class template (vpozdyayev)
0032238: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - GLSL compilation errors when using ANGLE (OpenGL ES 2.0) with disabled highp (vpozdyayev)
0032583: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, AIS - add simple Bullet Physics wrapper (vpozdyayev)
0032708: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, V3d_View::SetImmediateUpdate() - deprecate and disable by default implicit View redraws (vpozdyayev)
0032750: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, AIS_Manipulator - selection of moved object is broken (vpozdyayev)
0032753: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - bake 360 spherical panorama background into cubemap (vpozdyayev)
0030739: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - XCAFDoc_ShapeTool::IsComponent() is too slow (vpozdyayev)
0031100: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, RWGltf_CafReader - support reading information from EXT_lights_image_based (vpozdyayev)
0032967: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, STEP - some PMI entities are lost on import (gka)
0027174: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - revise CSF_ macros (ski)
0028153: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - the "custom" script isn't created in a build dir if it exists in an install dir (inv)
0030238: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - NCollection_Array1<OSD_Timer> crashes on destruction when using msvc (vpozdyayev)
0030568: [OCCT:Configuration] CMake: unified functionality to collect prerequisites (inv)
0031806: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - Visual Studio 2019 bugs (bugmaster)
       0032869: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules, NCollection_Vector - remove workaround against VS2019 compiler bug (ddzama)
0032030: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - build samples/webgl within BUILD_SAMPLES_WEBGL option (bugmaster)
0032318: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - Draw Harness is unable to load plugins on Ubuntu 21.04 (bugmaster)
       0032321: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness - pload should be able loading plugins with version suffix (vpozdyayev)
0032707: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - Removing VS2010/VS2012 from maintenance (vpozdyayev)
       0032792: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - reflect C++11 best practices in Coding Rules (vpozdyayev)
0032735: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, scripts - add batch scripts building 3rdparty libraries (vpozdyayev)
0032808: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - cmake installs during configuration step (bugmaster)
0032888: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - Visual Studio 2022 bugs (bugmaster)
       0032892: [OCCT:Coding] Coding rules - problem of compilation on VS 2022 c++20 (ddzama)
       0032974: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - update environment for VS2022 (afokin)
0032950: [OCCT:Coding] Problem compile CSharp sample on Windows with VC12, VC14, VC142 (ddzama)
0025905: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Faulty STATSHAPE in test case de step_1 ZF7 (gka)
0026597: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Internal exceptions in test de step_3 F1 (dpasukhi)
0027046: [OCCT:Data Exchange] STEP -- Possible misuse of StepData_StepModel::SetIdentLabel() in StepAP209_Construct (gka)
0028270: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation, Draw Harness - Translate all French text in commands help to English
0028450: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Add notes as part of XDE structure (snn)
0028672: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Valid shape is written to STEP-file as invalid (self-intersected) (gka)
0029121: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Iges-reader reads invalid shape (gka)
0030392: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - XCAFDoc_GraphNode doesn't copy backward links (snn)
0030988: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Add possibility to attach multiple files to notes (snn)
0031068: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - A parent node shall be created for imported notes (snn)
0024900: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness - implement GUI Import/Export sample based on tcl/tk (vpozdyayev)
0028378: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - Add information about binary brep (msv)
0029002: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness - replace obsolete AXO view with 3D Viewer (vpozdyayev)
0031634: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - minor clean-up of User Guides from misprints and old classes (vpozdyayev)
0031831: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation, PDF - extra leading zero index in heading numbers when using Doxygen 1.8.16+ (abv)
0032014: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - large STEP file is read 2-3 times slower on msvc14 than on GCC and CLang (gka)
0032584: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Incorrect file reading (nds)
0032786: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - Doxygen 1.9 shows raw HTML tags within section headers (abv)
0032792: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - reflect C++11 best practices in Coding Rules (vpozdyayev)
0023492: [OCCT:DRAW] It is desirable to have short dump for BSpline and Bezier curves and surfaces (gka)
0030116: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - provide hints for use of OCCT in CMake-based projects (apn)
0030664: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - Draw Test Harness Manual is outdated (abv)
0030941: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness, ViewerTest - improve vinit command for resetting viewer state option (vpozdyayev)
0030952: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness, ViewerTest - add command showing on-screen GUI for configuring material properties (vpozdyayev)
0031365: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - Doxygen warnings when generating Reference Manual (abv)
0031818: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - Describe using Message_Report generating via Message_Messenger (nds)
0032193: [OCCT:Documentation] SEO-related changes in the documentation (btokarev)
0032260: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness, IVtkDraw - add command ivtkwritevtp dumping actor into VTP file (vpozdyayev)
0032322: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness - embed icon into DRAWEXE.exe (vpozdyayev)
0032456: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness, ViewerTest - map of interactive objects GetMapOfAIS() should be bound to active AIS_InteractiveContext (vpozdyayev)
0028117: [OCCT:DRAW] DRAW, cpulimit - generate assert in debug mode before killing DRAW (apn)
0029024: [OCCT:DRAW] DRAW - use common approach for reporting error message on wrong command arguments (apn)
0030120: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness - fixshape command does not heal missing 3D curves (gka)
0030155: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness - OCC27341 should be replaced by general-purpose command testing HLR algorithm (apn)
0030426: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - protect against termination on errors detected by standard C library (abv)
0030608: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - Undefined behavior caused by overflow in arithmetic operations with signed integers in HashCode() functions (vpozdyayev)
0031328: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness - provide Lamp icon of higher quality (abv)
0031817: [OCCT:DRAW] DRAW - Error is reported by Undefined sanitizer on vdisplaymode command (abv)
0023497: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Units package raises exception for composite units (abv)
0026373: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Merge NCollection_Handle with opencascade::handle (abv)
0026397: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Change method DownCast() of Handle to return a pointer rather than a Handle (abv)
0028817: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - Quantity_Date can not handle POSIX time 1 January, 1970 (abv)
0029442: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] NCollection_Shared is unable to wrap classes without default constructor (abv)
0030095: [OCCT:Inspectors] Inspectors - Standalone build - possibility to switch on/off some of plugins in CMake (nds)
0032392: [OCCT:DRAW] DRAWEXE does not handle return code of tcl script (abv)
0032488: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness - Repack toolkit TKDraw to avoid possible cyclic dependency (jgv)
0032749: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness - commands chrono/dchrono have incomplete description (abv)
0030984: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - possible use of NULL pointer in TColStd_PackedMapOfInteger::Differ() (abv)
0031255: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - NCollection_IndexedDataMap should implement random stl iterator (abv)
0031317: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - confusing overloads of method gp_XY::SetCoord() (abv)
0031484: [OCCT:Inspectors] Inspectors - Incorrect color is displayed in 'TInspector'. (nds)
0031915: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - DumpJson creates report with not unique keys (nds)
0032005: [OCCT:Inspectors] Inspectors - property view in DFBrowser for DumpJson (nds)
0032006: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - OSD_MemInfo returns negative heap value (abv)
0028125: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - support of BRep shapes based on tessellated geometry (msv)
       0029864: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepBndLib::AddClose() returns Empty box for triangulation-only Faces (msv)
       0029926: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - NULL dereference within GProp_GProps on Edge without 2D Curve (ifv)
0028700: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepBuilderAPI_Sewing produces too small edge covered by its vertices (gka)
0032987: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepBuilderAPI_Transform loses shape instancing (azv)
0029596: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Warnings after boolean operations (msv)
0030685: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Implement history methods for volume mode in BRepOffsetAPI_MakeEvolved (msv)
0032209: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Too large tolerances with visually correct geometry (msv)
0032210: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Rudimentery small edges (msv)
0032226: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Bad models with BRepCheck_CollapsedEdge checkshape error (asuraven)
0032287: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - mkoffset creates float numbers precision size edges (msv)
0032324: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Improve BOPAlgo_Options::DumpErrors() output (msv)
0028696: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Offset 2D algorithm produces micro edges (asuraven)
0032756: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - ASSERT failed in BRepTools_History::AddGenerated() in debug mode (msv)
0028402: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling - calculation of properties of complex compounds is slow (msv)
0028686: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Fillet creates bad surface in test blend complex A3 (asuraven)
0032185: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Bad fillet on an internal edge of a revolution (msv)
0032187: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Fillet isn't extrapolated correctly near vertex (msv)
0032223: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms -Tolerance covering open and closed wire (msv)
0032229: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Null length non-degenerated edge (msv)
0032255: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - bopapicheck command not corresponded to new edge control in checkshape (msv)
0032256: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - mkoffset creates collapsed edge (msv)
0032258: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - breducetolerance fix BRepCheck_CollapsedEdge, but generates new faulties (msv)
0031901: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Incorrect operation of the boolean operator 'cut'. Shape validation problem. (msv)
0031902: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Incorrect operation of the boolean operator 'cut'. Shape validation problem. (msv)
0031904: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Incorrect operation of the boolean operator 'cut'. Shape validation problem. (msv)
0031905: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Incorrect operation of the boolean operator 'cut'. Shape validation problem. (msv)
0031906: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Incorrect operation of the boolean operator 'fuse'. (msv)
0026350: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Improve performance of curve projection (msv)
0027089: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Remove unused property myBox of the class BRepClass3d_SolidExplorer (msv)
0028791: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean Operations - Improve Edge/Face intersection procedure to take into account the coinciding edges (msv)
0025921: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Memory leak in test cases bugs fclasses bug7287_1 - bug7287_6 (msv)
0026190: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Wrong intersection result (msv)
0031005: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Offset wire algorithm is unstable (msv)
0031426: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - out of range within HLRBRep_PolyAlgo (msv)
0031473: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Shape becomes invalid after translation and rotation (msv)
0031638: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Draw command chfi2d corrupts face (msv)
0026655: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] ChFi3d_Builder algorithm fails to build fillets if some input edges connect with seam edges (msv)
0026816: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean operation produces invalid shape in "bugs modalg_5 bug25838" test case (msv)
0027116: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] The intersection curve is different from expected (msv)
0027378: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepLib_MakeFace produces invalid faces on periodic surfaces in case the given parametrization does not match the default (msv)
0027524: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] The command checkshape does not find the maximal deviation between curves representations (msv)
0027623: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Cannot find intersection line between two trimmed planar surfaces (msv)
0027902: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Test "offset with_intersect_80 M1" has different bechavior in debug and release modes (msv)
0028544: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Big tolerance value is returned by Implicit-parametric algorithm (msv)
0028656: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] 3d offset modifies the input shape (isn)
0028845: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] IntPatch_LineConstructor class is deprecated now and has to be deleted (msv)
0028986: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Cannot find intersection between two interfered edges (msv)
0029061: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling - offset cannot be built properly on partial cone (msv)
0029080: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] bopcheck work very slow. (msv)
0029178: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Implement particular case for extrema of line-plane in Extrema_ExtCS (msv)
0029236: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Cannot build a filet in blend/tolblend_simple/C1 test case (msv)
0023524: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Command offsetcompshape produces incorrect result (jgv)
0024652: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] It is necessary to always store p-curves on planes (ifv)
0025915: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Incorrect result of Boolean cut operation (msv)
0025917: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Bad result of Fuse/Cut/Common operations (msv)
0025918: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Invalid result shape after blend operation (msv)
0025919: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Offset is not done in some test cases (msv)
0025962: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Wrong domain definition while doing intersection algorithm (msv)
0029291: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] HLR algorithm produces different results for equivalent set of commands (msv)
0029309: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Invalid result of Fuse operation (msv)
0026215: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Replace Bnd_BoundSortBox* classes by BVH algorithms (msv)
0027098: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Some OCCT algorithms produce edges with invalid curve representation. (msv)
0029505: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Intersection algorithm incorrectly produced not-closed result (it must be closed) (msv)
0029619: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffset_MakeOffset algorithm fails on a shape containing closed face with C0 regularity (msv)
0029653: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Unable to get generated shapes for some of the arguments of Thrusections operation (jgv)
0029756: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Antisymmetric behavior of Circle-Circle extrema algorithm (msv)
0029805: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Blend fails when it has to cover whole face (msv)
0029808: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Remove useless classes from Extrema package (msv)
0029875: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Intersection algorithm produces curve with bend (msv)
0029922: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean operation with conical argument loses degenerated edge (msv)
0030012: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Different number of intersection curves is returned on Windows and Linux platform (msv)
0030318: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Defeaturing algorithm unifies too many shapes in the result (emv)
0029360: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Different result in "bugs modalg_6 bug27341_318" on Windows and Linux platform (msv)
0029401: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Incomplete history in BRepOffsetAPI_MakeThickSolid (msv)
0029431: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] "checkshape" for a single face depends on the orientation of the face (msv)
0029499: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] "sprops" command returns 0 for the face with a gap covered by vertex only (not edge) (msv)
0028271: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Remarks to math_PSO usability (msv)
0029893: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] IntPatch_TheSOnBounds cannot find precise solution (msv)
0030351: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Instability of blend algorithm: the result of fillet operation has too big tolerance (msv)
0029030: [OCCT:Samples] Samples - show hint for mouse controls of 3D viewer (bugmaster)
0029264: [OCCT:Modeling Data] BRep_Builder affects orientation of sub-shape, why? (msv)
0029635: [OCCT:Samples] Samples: build AndroidQt sample together with OCCT on Android platform (inv)
0029738: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Remove UV points from BRep data structure (msv)
0030279: [OCCT:Samples] Samples - wrong copyright dates (inv)
0031261: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Modeling Data - Unable to find a closest point on the face section (msv)
0031368: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Modeling data - extend BRepPrimAPI_MakeCone,BRepPrimAPI_MakeCylinder,BRepPrimAPI_MakeSphere with preview shape creation (sshutina)
0031903: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Shape validation problem. (msv)
0026222: [OCCT:Tests] Incorrect behavior of the evaluating TPSTAT warning messages in DataExchange module. (inv)
0027099: [OCCT:Tests] Some tests use wrong input shapes (msv)
0028132: [OCCT:Tests] DRAW - Check commands should not raise exception (unless called with syntax error) (inv)
0028608: [OCCT:Tests] Exceptions appear in test cases if macros OCCT_DEBUG is enabled (abv)
0029040: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Incorrect treatment of the seam edges in ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain algorithm (gka)
0029111: [OCCT:Tests] Reclassification of UNSTABLE test cases (bugmaster)
0030419: [OCCT:Shape Healing] ShapeFix_Face copies B-spline curves instead of splitting them on fix missing seam (szy)
0030602: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - testdiff does not report known unstable cases properly (inv)
0030709: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - provide command to clean up test results folder (inv)
0031012: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - move tests bugs modalg_5 bug24157_* from group bugs modalg_5 to perf (inv)
0031042: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - Failed and improved tests on current master in Win32-configuration on Windows (inv)
       0031046: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - bugs vis bug26139 fails in Win32-configuration due to a lack of memory (inv)
0032902: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Modeling Data - Get rid of BRepTopAdaptor_SeqOfPtr (azv)
0031065: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - new tests for performance of BSpline evaluation (inv)
0031198: [OCCT:Tests] Test bugs xde bug22728 contaminates current directory (inv)
0031941: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - some test cases in lowalgos/intss are wrong (apn)
0032272: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Shape Healing - Shape healing not corresponded to new edge control in checkshape (gka)
0032277: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Shape Healing - UnifySameDomain crashes and return a corrupted shape (msv)
0032396: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - unstable test case perf/fclasses/progr_par (msv)
0032829: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - dynamic highlight results are not cleared by AIS_InteractiveContext::Redisplay() (vpozdyayev)
0032526: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - add Draco-compressed glTF file samples (bugmaster)
0032847: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - Adding WebGL sample to Jenkins (bugmaster)
0033299: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, DE Wrapper - Transfer CAD files using Stream (dpasukhi)
0033302: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Fixing an individual copy of Static Interface for each DE transfers (dpasukhi)
0033309: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, XS - Update WorkSession to keep reference work sessions (dpasukhi)
0033310: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, Coding - Cleaning up Data Exchange components (dpasukhi)
0033182: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] TKFillet: use of specific parameter tolerance on spine curve instead minimal from all spines (ddzama)
0033188: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Modeling Algorithms - Unformatted output of shape dump function (msv)
0033196: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - SameParameters makes self intersecting edge (msv)
0033209: [OCCT:Visualization] No possibility to select only objects visible to user using API of AIS_InteractiveContext (vpozdyayev)
0033211: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - compilation warning "unknown pragma ignored" in Standard_MMgrTBBalloc.cxx on Linux and MacOS (bugmaster)
0033339: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - Implicit dependency on libfontconfig introduced by Font_FontMgr (vglukhik)
0031722: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, STEP - support translation of User Defined Attributes to XCAF document (ika)
0032889: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - Ubuntu 20.04 gcc 10 bugs (bugmaster)
       0032891: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - eliminating TBB deprecation warning on Ubuntu 20.04 (dpasukhi)
       0032895: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Regressions on Ubuntu 20.04 (azv)
       0032899: [PRODUCTS:Coding] Coding Rules - Warning on Ubuntu 20.04 (vpozdyayev)
0033346: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Implementing support for the XCAF transfer add-ons (dpasukhi)
0033424: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - Preparing solution to use malloc() (dpasukhi)
0033400: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Wire order change on STEP Exchange (ika)
0033348: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, Step - Implement new type of Representation Items (ika)
0032394: [Website:Portal] Website - search form returns results in the random order (Vera Sdobnova)
0033277: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - No exception is raised on division by integer zero (ddzama)
0033278: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - Nan generates as result of sqrt(-1) rather then exception raised (ddzama)
0033279: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - difference in number of triangles and nodes (oan)
0033280: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - difference in number of triangles and nodes (ddzama)
0033281: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - bopfuse operation fails on two shapes (ddzama)
0033282: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - algorithm slowed down on execution OCC27884 (ddzama)
0033283: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - process killed by CPU limit (ddzama)
0033284: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling algorithms - fixshape fails on bug30396_bad_result.brep (ddzama)
0033285: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Mdeling algorithms - process killed by elapsed limit (msv)
0033286: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling algorithms - the length of result shape differs from reference value (msv)
0033287: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling algorithms - the length of result shape differs from reference value (msv)
0033288: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] The length of result shape differs from reference value (ddzama)
0033290: [OCCT:Modeling Data] The length of result shape differs from reference value (ddzama)
0033291: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling algorithms - 10 curves are expected but 9 ones are found (ddzama)
0033292: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling algorithms - Process killed by CPU limit (ddzama)
0033293: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling algorithms - Process killed by CPU limit (ddzama)
0033294: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - Failed to load plugin.TKDFBrowser.dll (ddzama)
0033296: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - O3 level optimization leads to many failed tests on boolean operations (ddzama)
0033210: [OCCT:Application Framework] File operations doesn't support long file paths notations on Windows (mpv)
0033220: [PRODUCTS:IFC Import] IFC Import - Problem on debug linkage (dpasukhi)
0033231: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, DE Wrapper - Integration of translation status result (dpasukhi)
0033241: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - unrealized support for socket type of OSD_File leads to linking of an unused winsock library (msv)
0033242: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, DE Wrapper - Propagate Shape healing parameters (dpasukhi)
0033252: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, DE Wrapper - Translate archives and folders (dpasukhi)
0031113: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - TCollection_ExtendedString constructor from CString is confusing (dpasukhi)
0031796: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, DGT - support new types of datum target (gka)
0033329: [OCCT:Tests] Tests, Data Exchange - Restoring test cases after moving to new compilers (dpasukhi)
0026806: [OCCT:Coding] Improper design of some classes in Graphic3d (vpozdyayev)
0033143: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - Extrusion surfaces: Add regulation for number of points generated along V direction (oan)
0025061: [OCCT:Mesh] BRepMesh should skip internal wires with self intersections to produce mesh for the shape anyway (oan)
0030515: [OCCT:Mesh] tricheck command incorrectly reports error on internal face (oan)
0030056: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - Rename fail statuses entered in BRepMesh algorith in the issue 0026106 (oan)
0026829: [OCCT:Documentation] The documentation search cannot find some content
0027028: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - define common style for commit messages
0031107: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - possibility to fix display mode used in a presentation (nds)
0028341: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Implement relationships between geometric_tolerances. (ika)
0031870: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Computation of the contour of the tangential area of two surfaces (msv)
0030491: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - OpenGl_Element inherits Standard_Transient (nds)
0030791: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - possibility to display materials by different hatching style for clipping (nds)
0030331: [OCCT:Mesh] Remove large implementation from BRepMesh_DelaunayDeflectionControlMeshAlgo.hxx (oan)
0031474: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - Return status Reused for the shapes without geometry (oan)
0031475: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - Extend BRepMesh to work on the shapes without geometry (oan)
0028087: [OCCT:Samples] OCCT Samples Redesign (bugmaster)
0028086: [OCCT:DRAW] Improve Usability of Draw (bugmaster)
0023837: [OCCT:Mesh] BRepMesh shouldn't trust the SameParameter flag (oan)
0030528: [OCCT:Mesh] Reduced data model with edges with an unique TEdges (oan)
0028688: [Website:Corporate] Add social network buttons to simplify logging and registration on the corporate site (bri)
0026819: [Website:Git] There is no a possibility to seek for a branch name (bri)
0027186: [OCCT:Data Exchange] IGES - reconsider creation of Undefined entity in case of failure (gka)
0025927: [OCCT:Coding] Optimizing code in IntPatch_ImpPrmIntersection::Perform(...) method (msv)
0026052: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Missing pcurves are computed incorrectly on two connected faces laying on the same surface (gka)
0028792: [OCCT:Application Framework] Identification of an attribute at label by a custom GUID or string (mpv)
0025070: [OCCT:Mesh] BRepMesh_DiscretRoot does not provide option to tune custom algo for parallel execution (oan)
0026968: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, Tcl - the usage of CSF_ variables should be revised in connection with CMake build procedure (ski)
0026495: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Sewing produces fictive degenerated edges (gka)
0026311: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Add check in Param-Param-intersection algorithm if surfaces are coincided or if thay do not have any intersection (msv)
0026003: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Some algorithms in ShapeFix do not check the status of ShapeFix_Edge::FixSameParameter (gka)
0024686: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Wrong behavior of BRepFeat_MakeCylindricalHole::Perform() in training exercise from Topology chapter (ifv)
0032175: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - incorrect rectangular selection with clipping planes defining a box (drochalo)
0021777: [OCCT:Mesh] Invalid result after perform "incmesh" (oan)
0029203: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Ambiguous behavior of Point-Face-classification algorithms: shall it return ON-status? (msv)
0028800: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] The compound of two faces is incorrectly detected as self-interfered (msv)
0025249: [OCCT:Mesh] Some problematic cases from mesh tests have been uncovered during refactoring of BRepMesh (oan)
0029421: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Make face classifier algorithm stable and robust (msv)
0028627: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Revise UnifySameDomain implementation to get rid of usage of ShapeFix_Shape (msv)
0023923: [OCCT:Tests] wrong statistic collection in testgrid de (gka)
0021973: [OCCT:Application Framework] TDocStd_Document size evaluation (mpv)
0033370: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - Moving into STL and Boost functionality (dpasukhi)
0031798: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, SelectMgr_ViewerSelector - fix comparing depth of direct and indirect triangle hits (drochalo)
0033301: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, DE Wrapper - Replacing own XDEDRAW transfer commands to DE (dpasukhi)
0024296: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - Test "bugs fclasses bug309" is crashed if current directory is into disc-root
0022618: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - Tool for building generic wireframe representation of a face (san)
0030126: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, Graphic3d_ShaderManager - define standard Lighting & Clipping within custom GLSL programs as template functions (ngavrilo)
0030598: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - redesign Prs3d_Drawer as aspects map (asuraven)
       0032710: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, Prs3d_Drawer - getters for own aspects (vpozdyayev)
0030599: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - implement StdPrs_SectionLines tool (tizmaylo)
0030819: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - capping plane texture artifacts (ngavrilo)
0032605: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, AIS_LightSource - handle dragging outside of sphere (sshutina)
0032752: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - extend V3d_View::ToPixMap() options with Z-layer (CheskoArt)
0032754: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - Phong shading model ignores environment cubemap (CheskoArt)
0025749: [OCCT:Coding] Coding, HLRBRep - Eliminate GCC warning -Wswitch in Android build (abv)
0025859: [OCCT:Coding] Coding Rules - Macro TRANSLOG should be handled (gka)
0026698: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - Avoid usage of non-guarded pointers to dynamically allocated memory (isn)
0032077: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - setting custom default frame buffer object for OpenGl context (nds)
0031549: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness, ViewerTest - add interactive polygon definition mode to vselect command (osa)
0021911: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - FitALL doesn't use all available space (vpozdyayev)
0023760: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - drop redundant class AIS_Triangulation (vpozdyayev)
0025463: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - MeshVS_ElementalColorPrsBuilder produces inefficient structures for elements with unique colors (vpozdyayev)
0026791: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - apply view resolution to built-in markers (vpozdyayev)
0031457: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, TKOpenGl - interface to find an active frame buffer (vpozdyayev)
0025476: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - implement import of mesh data from files in PLY format (vpozdyayev)
       0025936: [OCCT:Modeling Data] Modeling Data - reusable data structure for 2D tesselation (3- and 4-nodal mesh) (vpozdyayev)
0025654: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Disable writing pcurves to STEP and IGES by default (gka)
0026302: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - new functionality XCAFDoc_Editor::Compact() converting the assembly to compound (dpasukhi)
       0026353: [OCCT:Tests] Update of test case bugs xde bug25441 after fixes integration 0026302 and 0026216 (inv)
0029328: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake scripts - use MATCHES instead of STREQUAL to check for compiler type (bugmaster)
0030851: [OCCT:Configuration] Qt installation procedure doesn't work properly (bugmaster)
0030965: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - compilation error when building with FFmpeg 2.8 (bugmaster)
0031614: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, CMake - eliminate CLang -Wl,-s deprecated warning (bugmaster)
0031218: [OCCT:Application Framework] TObj_Partition: SetName() methods of TObj_Object are not accessible (gka)
0032431: [OCCT:Coding] Porting OCCT and Products to macOS Big Sur arm64 (bugmaster)
       0032425: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - adjusting test cases for macOS arm64 platforms (bugmaster)
             0032451: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - adjusting test cases with Improvement status on macOS arm64 platforms (bugmaster)
0032887: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - Problem of compilation on VS2019/C++20 (ddzama)
0027580: [OCCT:Data Exchange] STEP - edge curve with identical vertices is reported on file generated by OCCT (ika)
0029032: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Application Framework - provide XDE interface for exploration of assembly structure (ssv)
0029241: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Empty shape after reading STEP file. (dpasukhi)
0024141: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness, ViewerTest - AIS_InteractiveContext should be explicitly cleared before removal (vpozdyayev)
0031896: [OCCT:Documentation] Documentation - Proofreading User manual (btokarev)
0023610: [OCCT:DRAW] checkshape command does not detect mismatch of the tolerance values among the sub-shapes of the shape (msv)
0024525: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw Harness - axonometric view should use double-buffer (san)
0025134: [OCCT:DRAW] Extended mode for checkshape command (msv)
0027792: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] TKMath, BVH - Add tesselator API and implement base marching cube (MC) tessellator (vpozdyayev)
0028372: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - BVH_Tree class refactoring (abv)
0028569: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Improve the performance of 2d classifier (CSLib_Class2d) (agv)
0029276: [OCCT:DRAW] Draw: Reset Boolean options to default state after running any test (emv)
0028199: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Add possibility to set number of threads for parallel execution
0030757: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Memory leaks using Open CasCade with TBB (abv)
0027049: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Make non-destructive mode be defined by default in Boolean operations (emv)
0031871: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Elaborate consistent shape validity criteria (asuraven)
0000140: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Fillet is created incorrectly on attached shape. (msv)
0026204: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - artifact on a result of Boolean operation "Cut" (msv)
0028685: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Bad result of evol fillet in the test blend buildevol D6 (asuraven)
0029910: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Porting to Debian80-64 : Regressions in Modeling Algorithms (msv)
0012800: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Projection curve on surface is failed (jgv)
0029957: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BiTgte_Blend algorithm gives wrong result on compound of two conical faces (jgv)
0031414: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Incorrect results in existing tests of extrema for concentric arcs (jgv)
0024178: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Sewing produce invalid results with specified options +c (gka)
0024278: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Diagnostic possible intersection loops (ifv)
0024397: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepBuilderAPI_Copy works not correct (ifv)
0025948: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Wrong result obtained by sewing algorithm. (gka)
0025949: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Wrong result obtained by intersection algorithm. (nbv)
0025961: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Wrong result of projection point on the ellipse (nbv)
0027203: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Unstable behavior of Geom_Plate algorithm (aml)
0027377: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] The section curve between two cylinders is unnecessarily split on two (nbv)
0027462: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] OCCT, Modeling Algorithms - Shape and Modified(source shape) methods return not the same TShape in BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet algo (jgv)
0027637: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Method Geom_BSplineCurve::Segment() produces invalid B-spline curve while the source curve seems to be OK (nbv)
0027651: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Add projection support in sewing pcurves handling (ifv)
0004902: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Incorrected work of DRAW command bcut (msv)
0025900: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Incomplete result obtained by intersection algorithm. (nbv)
0025947: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Wrong result obtained by intersection algorithm. (nbv)
0026258: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Boolean operations: pipe on fillet (msv)
0026265: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Incorrect result of 2d offset (isn)
0028674: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepTools_WireExplorer works unstable and does not return several edges (nbv)
0026907: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] ChFi3d_Builder algorithm uses old Boolean operations: wrong processing of shapes with seam and degenerated edges (jgv)
0028570: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Improve the performance of IntCurvesFace_ShapeIntersector (agv)
0028728: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] unifysamedomain creates unnecessary copies of the vertices (isn)
0000602: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Exception during filet creation if it cross samedge of cylinder. (nbv)
0023190: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] offset Draw command raise exception "Offset with no C1 Surface" (msv)
0029060: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffset_MakeOffset produces invalid shape in test bugs modalg_7 bug28131 (msv)
0029259: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Intersection of the same domain BSpline faces fails (nbv)
0024956: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Wrong result of Boolean Operation (test "boolean bcut_complex O8") despite test case considering OK. (emv)
0029268: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Unstable test cases in Modeling Algorithms (msv)
0026234: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Bad performance of E/F intersection algorithm. (emv)
0027711: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Blend-on-blend corrupts the shape (msv)
0028575: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Removal of the old Boolean Operations algorithm - BRepAlgo_BooleanOperation (emv)
0028597: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Unsafe code in BRepOffset_MakeOffset_1.cxx (emv)
0029324: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Incomplete result of Volume Maker algorithm (emv)
0029656: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - General-FUSE reverses edge's orientation (emv)
0029860: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BOPAlgo_BuilderFace cannot build new faces correctly (emv)
       0029883: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean operation with prism and cone produces invalid result when tolerance of vertex in cone apex is too big (emv)
0025829: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Instability: bfuse produces bad shape on 32-bit and good on 64-bit (isn)
0025902: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Unclear behavior of command featperform (jgv)
0025913: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Errors in offsetperform command in test cases bugs/modalg_4/bug8842_2 bug8842_3 bug8842_4 bug8842_5 bug8842_7 (msv)
0026463: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] The result of intersection between two faces depends on the order of arguments (nbv)
0026590: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Inconsistent results obtained by checkshape (msv)
0028080: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] IntWalk_PWalking algorithm produces self-intersected Walking line. (nbv)
0023936: [OCCT:Release] Improve packaging of OCCT releases on Mac OS X (bugmaster)
0024743: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] checkshape ignores self-intersection of wires in specific case (ibs)
       0024760: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] checkshape isn't consistent to bopargcheck in sefl-intersect wire (msv)
0032060: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - HLR presentation does not display expected edges (szy)
0025970: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Shape Healing - enable parallel reconstruction of pcurves (gka)
0028602: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Prevent ShapeFix_Shape to modify the input shape (isn)
0029123: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - test and testgrid fail in case if OCCT is installed into location with spaces (bugmaster)
0024790: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - missing intersection curve between two surfaces (knosulko)
0027571: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Foundation Classes - bad implementation of NCollection_Sequence::Iterator in reversed mode (emv)
0028805: [OCCT:Tests] Eliminate existing comparison of outputs in "de" testgrid (bugmaster)
0029187: [OCCT:VIS] VIS - TKIVtkDraw should support Cocoa on macOS (bugmaster)
0032271: [OCCT:Tests] Tests - vselect/bugs/bug544 hangs (vpozdyayev)
0033251: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, DE Wrapper - Upgrade resource context (dpasukhi)
0033007: [PRODUCTS:RVM Import] RVM Import - Provide documentation for RVM reader (msv)
0032395: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - possible mistake in BRepMesh_Delaun::isVertexInsidePolygon (oan)
0027319: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration, Cmake - cmake's c/cxx corresponding flags are not updated in cmake gui after changes in cmake script (bugmaster)
0030979: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization - introduce customized grid presentations (mzernova)
0033024: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - collect and fix CppCheck issues (alukin)
       0033033: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - collect and fix CppCheck issues - errors (alukin)
       0033035: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - collect and fix CppCheck issues - warnings (alukin)
       0033036: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - collect and fix CppCheck issues - style (alukin)
       0033037: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - collect and fix CppCheck issues - portability (alukin)
       0033038: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - collect and fix CppCheck issues - performance (alukin)
0033326: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, IGES Import - Ignoring unit value for validating geometry (dpasukhi)
0033338: [OCCT:Coding] Coding - IGESToBRep_CurveAndSurface's method has unreachable code (dpasukhi)
0032369: [Website:Portal] Website - login on Forum topic redirects to an invalid page (emo)
0032370: [Website:Portal] Website - cookies acceptance tooltips occupies too much space (vpozdyayev)
0033185: [PRODUCTS:IFC Import] IFC Import - Implement a reader from IFC file into TopoDS_Shape (dpasukhi)
0024084: [OCCT:Mesh] Additional tool for resolving 2d loops on discretized wires should be implemented in BRepMesh (oan)
       0031421: [OCCT:Mesh] OCCT:Mesh: SelfIntersectingWire Failure. (szy)
0031494: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - Dump improvement for BRepMesh classes (nds)
0026074: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh meshes a specific shape for a long time (oan)
0022642: [OCCT:Shape Healing] Refactoring of ShapeFix_Wire::FixIntersectingEdges (ssv)
0028743: [OCCT:Shape Healing] 'Draw' command 'unifysamedom' accepts the angular tolerance in radians instead of degrees (abk)
0023979: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - Performance problem of STEP export for large files (gka)
0024865: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - igesread loopback transfer process should not skip any entity (gka)
0025513: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Choose of projector during import operation (skl)
0025602: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - It is important for IGES and STEP file format to add check, if wrong data are read from the file (skl)
0030341: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - XCAFDoc_GraphNode doesn't copy children upon pasting (nds)
0030467: [Website:Portal] Portal: Improvement of removing inactive user (Vera Sdobnova)
0027558: [OCCT:Application Framework] Application Framework - Restore support for reading legacy XCAF persistence format (mpv)
0029501: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Intersection algorithm produces the curve with loop (msv)
0020827: [OCCT:Mesh] Problem of displaying in SHADING mode (oan)
0027226: [OCCT:Mesh] Mesh - Meshing algorithm fails if edge curves has small defects (bends, loops...) (oan)
0025956: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Wrong result obtained by intersection algorithm. (msv)
0028833: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Unstable result of intersection of the faces (msv)
0025952: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Wrong intersection curve (msv)
0022687: [OCCT:Mesh] Triangulation is made with errors on mesh test. (oan)
0024258: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Documentation - Classes in TKBO toolkit lack documentation (emv)
0025950: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Bad performance of intersection algorithm (msv)
0029728: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - BRepFill_PipeShell algorithm produces invalid result (msv)
0029104: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Reject use of starting point in Prm-Prm intersection algorithm (msv)
0026740: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Algorithms - Incorrect result of blend operation in "blend simple X4" test case (msv)
0027166: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Non-destructive principle in algorithms (msv)
0025925: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] BRepOffset_MakeOffset works unstable for faces containing seam edges (emv)
0028847: [OCCT:Coding] Possible misprint in Blend_Walking::InternalPerform(...) method (jgv)
0023198: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] checkshape command returns different number of faulties on 32 and 64 bit OS. (msv)
0022745: [OCCT:DRAW] Clean up DRAW from duplicated commands (abv)
0026250: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Boolean operation should check, if faces are overlapped, before finding intersection result between these faces (pkv)
0033426: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange, VRML - Impossible to import VRML V1 (bugmaster)
0033446: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Modeling Alghorithms - Creating offset with one of the degenerated edge leads to crash (akaftasev)
0032879: [OCCT:Visualization] Visualization, AIS_ViewController - define separate gesture mappings for dragging (sshutina)
0033382: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - Installation issue for debug mode for static build (dpasukhi)
0029539: [OCCT:Data Exchange] Data Exchange - unable to read VRML from data samples (bugmaster)
0032393: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - unable to build OCCT using oneTBB (bugmaster)
0033408: [OCCT:Configuration] Configuration - compilation fails due to absent include on Ubuntu 22.04 (bugmaster)
0022033: [OCCT:Tests] Grid Tests: The sets PKV,CHL,CIN,CTE. Detected problems (bugmaster)
0027227: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Intersection curve is not continued to the surface boundary (bugmaster)
0025302: [OCCT:Foundation Classes] Incorrect locale and unicode support in Draw console (abv)
0026976: [OCCT:Application Framework] OCAF - duplicate code should be removed from FSD_BinaryFile class (bugmaster)
0027906: [OCCT:Modeling Algorithms] Intersection algorithm between trimmed cylinders having common base returns empty result (bugmaster)
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