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0023094CommunityWebsite:Trackerpublic2015-01-21 10:34
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Summary0023094: Automatic suggestion of the component maintainer

I read the updated contribution workflow and have two questions at the moment:

1. Section 2.4 state:

"The issue for which solution is provided should be switched to RESOLVED state and assigned to the developer who is expected to make a code review (Reviewer; by default, can be set to Maintainer of the component)."

As external developer how do I know who is the Maintainer of the corresponding component?
Maybe the maintainer could be suggested automatically by Mantis when selecting the bug category?


1. You are right, the selection of reviewer is not well-defined. For the moment, let's agree to assign Resolved issues to bugmaster.

I suggest you register a record in Mantis for this issue (use category Website:Tracker), and we will try to address it. I believe we can provide either automatic assignment or at least a list of maintainers.
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related to 0024514 closedbugmaster Unclear guidelines to report issues in Mantis 



2014-01-14 13:15

manager   ~0027471

I suggest that Mantis should be improved to provide good default values in relevant forms to avoid this kind of problems (see also 0024514):

1. In the Issue Resolve form (the one shown when issue is changed to Resolved), set by default "Assigned To" to maintainer of the relevant Category

2. In the Issue Review form (the one shown when issue is changed to Reviewed), set by default "Assigned To" to bugmaster

3. In Issue Report form, set "Target Value" by default to the next planned OCCT version


2014-10-03 14:57

reporter   ~0032639

Please review.


2014-10-03 16:47

manager   ~0032652

Seems to work well

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