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0021907Open CASCADEOCCT:Application Frameworkpublic2013-10-03 11:25
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Summary0021907: Memory leak in OCAF document
DescriptionFrom time to time a memory leak appears in an OCAF document. It happens either
in transient document or on storage / retrieval operation. In most cases a
custom data structure causes the leak and it takes much time for us to detect
and analyse a reason of the leak.
A new draw-command is aimed to help us to reveal a leak in an OCAF document as
well as keep OCAF memory leak free participating in non-regression tests.
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related to 0024164 closedbugmaster Optimization of OCAF document closing 


2010-07-16 16:15 (4,114 bytes)

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2012-09-03 09:16

developer   ~0021381

This draw-command was good for detection of memory leaks in OCAF documents. But it was good a year ago. Since then, some logic of this draw-command was implemented inside OCAF (see the last modifications in the method TDocStd_Application::Close()). So, the draw-command is not useful now. I propose to close this issue.

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