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0029922Open CASCADEOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2023-08-01 15:06
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Summary0029922: Boolean operation with conical argument loses degenerated edge
DescriptionApex of cone (and the degenerated edge) is a common part of the arguments of Boolean operation. However, after Boolean CUT one image of the conical face does not contain any degenerated edge (but it must contain). As result, this face is geometrically not closed in parametric space (this gap is covered by the vertex) and cannot be triangulated by BRep_Mesh OCCT-algorithm.


Possible reason of this bug is in big tolerance of the source cone vertex (in the Apex). If we reduce this "apex tolerance" then the result of Boolean operation has become correct (see Test bugs modalg_7 bug29807_b3b).
Steps To Reproducetest bugs modalg_7 bug29807_b3a

pcu reshm_1
# See "NoDegeneratedEdge.PNG" attached picture.
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related to 0029860 assignedemv Modeling Algorithms - BOPAlgo_BuilderFace cannot build new faces correctly 
related to 0029883 assignedemv Boolean operation with prism and cone produces invalid result when tolerance of vertex in cone apex is too big 
child of 0029807 closedbugmaster [Regression to 7.0.0] Impossible to cut cone from prism 



2018-07-02 16:29


NoDegeneratedEdge.PNG (8,571 bytes)

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