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0029231CommunityOCCT:Configurationpublic2023-08-01 15:09
Reportersolomin_s Assigned Toski 
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PlatformLinuxOSDebian 6.0 
Product Version7.2.0 
Target VersionUnscheduled 
Summary0029231: Incorrect FRREIMAGE library detecting
DescriptionFor set up freeimage usage from custom location 4(!) parameters to be set is required:
3RDPARTY_FREEIMAGE_DIR - dir with freeimage
3RDPARTY_FREEIMAGE_INCLUDE_DIR - dir with freeimage includes
3RDPARTY_FREEIMAGE_LIBRARY_DIR_freeimage - dir with built freeimage
3RDPARTY_FREEIMAGE_LIBRARY_freeimage - path to library
* If I set 3RDPARTY_FREEIMAGE_DIR to freeimage sources, include dir cannot be found.
* 3RDPARTY_FREEIMAGE_LIBRARY_DIR_freeimage and 3RDPARTY_FREEIMAGE_LIBRARY_freeimage should be set for custom location.

First bullet seems to be correct because 3RDPARTY_FREEIMAGE_DIR - dir where freeimage installed (but as for me it can be made easily by cmake)

But second bullet seems to be a bug (a suppose one parameter is enougth for settings custom library location) (see adm/cmake/3rdparty_macro.cmake:44 [incorrect condition])
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2017-10-16 10:05

developer   ~0071512

The problem is a lot if arguments to be set for custom FREEIMAGE location (probably for other libraries too).


2019-07-19 11:38

administrator   ~0085785

For successfull searching of 3rd party products it's enougth to define only directory with installed product (e.g. 3RDPARTY_FREEIMAGE_DIR). Other variables will be filled automatically. If checkbox "Advanced" is turned off there only 3RDPARTY_DIR, 3RDPARTY_DLL_DIR, 3RDPARTY_LIBRARY_DIR and 3RDPARTY_INCLUDE_DIR varibales will be displayed in CMake GUI interface.

I don't see what I can change here. Dear ski, could you please also check this issue.

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