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0023836CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2013-03-19 15:33
ReporterMauro Mariotti Assigned Tojgv 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformWindowsOSVC++ 2010 
Product Version6.5.3 
Summary0023836: missing result in hidden line removal
DescriptionThis is just one of several bugs I have found in hidden line removal.

With the two attached faces, the computation of the contour along X fails to find all lines.
It finds two curves on the right (one on each face), but none on the left (or the other way around, depending on the view orientation).
Steps To ReproduceI am sorry, I don't know how to call HLRBRep_HLRToShape from DRAW.

We use HLRAlgo_Projector and HLRBRep_HLRToShape, asking for both internal lines and outlines.

If you cannot reproduce the bug with DRAW, please ask me more details.

Here is my code, slightly simplified:

  // Build The algorithm object
  Handle(HLRBRep_Algo) myAlgo = new HLRBRep_Algo();
  // Add Shapes into the algorithm
  myAlgo->Add(myShape, /*myNbIsos*/0);
  // Set The Projector
  gp_Ax2 syst(myPoitns, myDir);
  HLRAlgo_Projector proj(syst);
  // Build HLR
  // Set The Edge Status; I want both visibile and hidden contours
  // Build the extraction object :
  HLRBRep_HLRToShape aHLRToShape(myAlgo);
  // extract the results;
  const int nComp = 1;
  TopoDS_Shape compounds[nComp] = {
    // this is a method we have added to HLRBRep_HLRToShape, to have all outlines (both internal and along the edges)
    // as 3d curves (not projected on the XY plane):
  for (int jc = 0; jc < nComp; jc++) {
    if (compounds[jc].IsNull())
    for (TopoDS_Iterator it(compounds[jc]); it.More(); it.Next()) {
      const TopoDS_Shape &shape = it.Value();
      const TopoDS_Edge &edg = TopoDS::Edge(shape);
      // ...
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Mauro Mariotti

2013-03-19 15:33


2faces.brep (66,824 bytes)

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