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    PID # ReporterCategorySeverityStatusResolutionTarget VersionDate SubmittedUpdatedSummaryTest case number
  00269252gka[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
majorassigned (gka)open7.5.0*2015-11-252019-09-14Data Exchange - Exception can be raised if assembly is empty
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (emv)open7.5.0*2019-08-122019-09-13Improve Extrema_ExtPS algorithm by unifying the GRAD and TREE methods
  00305412kgv[Open CASCADE]
minorreviewed (kgv)open7.4.02019-03-062019-09-13Draw Harness - impossible disabling signals
  002734219abv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minorresolved (abv)open7.5.0*2016-04-042019-09-12Data Exchange, STEP - support C++ streams for import / export
  00256028nbv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minorassigned (gka)open7.5.0*2014-12-122019-09-12Data Exchange - It is important for IGES and STEP file format to add check, if wrong data are read from the file
OCCT:Data Exchange
minorassigned (gka)open7.5.0*2017-02-132019-09-12Data Exchange - Names with Special Characters Cannot Be Read from STEP or IGES Files
  00248654ibs[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minorassigned (gka)open7.4.02014-04-212019-09-12Data Exchange - igesread loopback transfer process should not skip any entityde iges_1(001) R1, bugs xde(005) bug24865
  0030844 Vico Liang[Community]
OCCT:Data Exchange
featurenew (gka)open7.5.0*2019-07-142019-09-12Data Exchange - Support import from and export to stream for data exchange interface
  00253792szy[Open CASCADE]
PRODUCTS:Training materials
minorassigned (gka)open7.5.0*2014-10-152019-09-12Training materials - Quantity of incorrect wires in the analysis and in the healing reports doesn't match
  0030961 wandererfan[Community]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
blocknew (msv)open2019-09-112019-09-11HLRBRep_Algo/HLRBRep_HLRToShape return empty compound
minorassigned (bugmaster)open7.4.02014-12-102019-09-11Mesh - BRepMesh_ShapeTool::FindUV check for 2d points to be the same is inconsistent with ShapeAnalysis_Wire::CheckLacking
  00305737oan[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Foundation Classes
minorverified (apn)fixed7.4.02019-03-142019-09-11OSD_Parallel_TBB: limit number of execution threads using settings of OSD_ThreadPool::DefaultPool()Not needed
  0030958 jgv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minornew (jgv)open7.5.0*2019-09-092019-09-09BRepOffsetAPI_ThruSections operation raises an exception while building history
  003093710Vico Liang[Community]
blockfeedback (abv)open7.5.0*2019-09-032019-09-09Coding - TNaming_NamedShape destructor should not be inlined
  003069238kgv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
featureverified (bugmaster)fixed7.4.02019-05-052019-09-09Data Exchange - introduce base framework RWMesh for importing mesh data formats into XDE documentcollections/n/osdpath
  003090825avn[Open CASCADE]
majorverified (bugmaster)fixed7.3.02019-08-212019-09-07BestFit - Incorrect convergence of local optimization.bfit loc_opt bug30908
  002933412ssv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorverified (abv)fixed7.4.02017-11-192019-09-07Modeling Algorithms - Simple offsets complicate geometrybugs modalg_7 bug29334
OCCT:Shape Healing
minorverified (bugmaster)fixed7.4.02018-04-232019-09-07Shape Healing - ShapeFix_Face::FixSmallAreaWire delivers a face with wrong-oriented wires + 1 small crash-fixbugs heal bug25923
  003072832nds[Open CASCADE]
integration requestverified (bugmaster)fixed7.4.02019-05-222019-09-07Visualization - using one implementation of highlight/unhighlight in contextNot required
OCCT:Data Exchange
crashverified (bugmaster)fixed7.4.02018-07-232019-09-07Data Exchange - Crash by reading STEP filebugs/step/bug29979
OCCT:Data Exchange
minorverified (bugmaster)fixed7.4.02019-08-072019-09-07Data Exchange - Add the support for empty draughting models and empty presentation layer assignments for step importNot required
OCCT:Data Exchange
minorverified (bugmaster)fixed7.4.02019-08-072019-09-07Data Exchange - StepToTopoDS edge translation should be resistant to malformed parameter values
  00309307kgv[Open CASCADE]
integration requestverified (apn)fixed7.4.02019-08-302019-09-07Draw Harness, ViewerTest - add commands vlistcolors and vlistmaterials listing standard Colors and Materialsv3d materials colors, materials
  00309316kgv[Open CASCADE]
minorverified (apn)fixed7.4.02019-09-012019-09-07Visualization, TKOpenGl - do not render into GL_FRONT within "GDI Generic" rendererNot needed
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
majorverified (apn)fixed7.4.02016-12-192019-09-07[Regression] HLR Poly Algo has broken edgeshlr poly_hlr bug28242
  003085755nds[Open CASCADE]
integration requestverified (apn)fixed7.4.02019-08-022019-09-07Visualization - using one implementation of Text in graphic groupNot needed
  00309382abv[Open CASCADE]
featureverified (bugmaster)fixed7.4.02019-09-042019-09-07Configuration, genproj - Support building with VS 2019
  00307214tizmaylo[Open CASCADE]
minorverified (bugmaster)fixed7.4.02019-05-212019-09-07Visualization - Arrows in dimensions are drawn behind some other lines after applying 30716Not required
OCCT:Foundation Classes
trivialverified (bugmaster)fixed7.4.02019-07-172019-09-07Foundation Classes - StorageInfo violates the C++ One Definition RuleNot required
  00309424kgv[Open CASCADE]
trivialverified (bugmaster)fixed7.4.02019-09-052019-09-07Draw Harness, ViewerTest - command vdefaults should abort script on unknown argumentNot required
  002753418emv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorverified (bugmaster)fixed7.4.02016-05-242019-09-07[Regression to 6.9.1]: Infinite loop in Curve on Surface projection algorithmbugs/moddata_3/bug27534
minorverified (bugmaster)fixed7.4.02018-08-282019-09-07Configuration - allow cross-compilation from Linux (case sensitive filesystem) to x86_64-w64-mingw32Not needed
  00255867Istvan Csanady[Community]
minorfeedback (abv)open7.5.0*2014-12-102019-09-06Mesh - Poor mesh quality, or failure of meshing for closed extruded surfaces with holesbugs mesh bug25586_1, bug25586_2, bug25586_3
  00235814Roman Lygin[Community]
minorfeedback (abv)open7.5.0*2012-11-252019-09-06[Regression] Performance of BRepMesh 6.5.4 can be up to Nx worse than 6.3.1
majorfeedback (oan)open7.5.0*2014-09-292019-09-06BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh produces (way) out of tolerance mesh
  00217773skl[Open CASCADE]
trivialfeedback (oan)open7.5.0*2010-06-112019-09-06Invalid result after perform "incmesh"
  0023837 oan[Open CASCADE]
minornew (oan)openUnscheduled2013-03-192019-09-06BRepMesh shouldn't trust the SameParameter flag
  00226873vtn[Open CASCADE]
trivialassigned (oan)openUnscheduled2011-07-262019-09-06Triangulation is made with errors on mesh test.
  0029641 vengelgardt[Community]
majornew (oan)open7.5.0*2018-03-242019-09-06Mesher produce 'bad' result for extruded spline with given deviation coefficient
  00252493oan[Open CASCADE]
minorfeedback (oan)openUnscheduled2014-09-192019-09-06Some problematic cases from mesh tests have been uncovered during refactoring of BRepMeshbugs vis buc60858; mesh standard_incmeshV4,C9; omf advanced_meshfuse ZD4
  00285003msv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (oan)open7.5.0*2017-03-012019-09-06Artifact in shaded view of the shapebugs mesh bug28500
  00255879Vico Liang[Community]
just a questionassigned (oan)no change required7.5.0*2014-12-102019-09-06Mesh - Meshing algorithm doesn't consider isolated vertices inside face.
  00272269ifv[Open CASCADE]
minorassigned (oan)open7.5.0*2016-03-042019-09-06Mesh - Meshing algorithm fails if edge curves has small defects (bends, loops...)
  00260746ibs[Open CASCADE]
minorassigned (oan)open7.5.0*2015-04-142019-09-06Mesh - BRepMesh_IncrementalMesh meshes a specific shape for a long time
  002486027Roman Lygin[Community]
OCCT:Modeling Data
majorfeedback (bugmaster)no change required7.5.0*2014-04-212019-09-06[Regression] Modeling Data - OCC 6.7.1 beta BRepBuilderAPI_Transform loses pcurves
  003077335mpv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Application Framework
featureassigned (mpv)open7.5.0*2019-06-062019-09-06Application Framework - To allow to inherit existing attributes to reuse persistence mechanismsNot required
  0030953 kgv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
featurenew (kgv)open7.5.0*2019-09-062019-09-06Data Exchange - implement export of mesh data into glTF 2.0 format
  003069146kgv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
featureverified (bugmaster)fixed7.4.02019-05-052019-09-06Data Exchange - implement import of mesh data from files in glTF formatde_mesh/gltf_read
OCCT:Foundation Classes
minornew (abv)open7.5.0*2018-04-032019-09-06Foundation Classes - Remove the direction recomputed mechanism for gp_Ax2
  002945111nds[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Foundation Classes
featurenew (kgv)open7.4.02018-01-252019-09-06Information Message Alert to debug an algorithm or object functionality
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