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  0023679 abv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2012-12-292019-09-04IGESControl_Writer does not initialize properly unless IGESControl_Controller::Init() is called in advance
  00286722nbv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2017-04-212019-09-04Valid shape is written to STEP-file as invalid (self-intersected)
  00281042akz[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
featureassigned (akz)open7.5.0*2016-11-142019-09-04Extract sub-assembly (XDE)
  00274261msv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Application Framework
minorassigned (ibs)open7.5.0*2016-04-252019-09-04FSD_BinaryFile: Assignment to a temporary handle variable
  00261741ink[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2015-04-302019-09-04Loss of color after the second write of file (iges).bugs xde bug26174
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2015-03-272019-09-04toridial surface gets damaged in STEP exportbugs step bug25989
  002593648dbv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minorassigned (akz)open7.5.0*2015-03-132019-09-04Reusable data structure for 2D tesselation (3- and 4-nodal mesh)
  00251881apv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2014-08-222019-09-04Error during STEp file writingbugs step(014) bug25168
  0027955 kgv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (kgv)open7.5.0*2016-10-122019-09-04Visualization - handle positional lights within transformation persistent objects
  0027865 solomin_s[Community]
minornew (kgv)open7.5.0*2016-09-122019-09-04Invalid face selection for MultipleConnectedInteractive with exteranal setted display mode.
  00272571kgv[Open CASCADE]
featurenew (kgv)open7.5.0*2016-03-142019-09-04Visualization, TKOpenGl - bind integer vertex attributes
  0027130 kgv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (kgv)open7.5.0*2016-02-052019-09-04Visualization, Ray tracing - skip structures with transformation persistence flag
  0024735 aba[Open CASCADE]
minornew (aba)open7.5.0*2014-03-192019-09-04Revision of AIS_Dimension parameters updating mechanism
  0027898 dbp[Open CASCADE]
minornew (dbp)open7.5.0*2016-09-242019-09-04Visualization, Ray Tracing - Use OpenGL background drawing subroutines in ray tracing
  0026704 kgv[Open CASCADE]
featurenew (kgv)open7.5.0*2015-09-182019-09-04Visualization, TKOpenGl - do not allocate unused depth-stencil buffer for window
  00258968Istvan Csanady[Community]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (abv)open7.5.0*2015-03-052019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - UserBreak raising uncatchable exception in boolean operations
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (jgv)open7.5.0*2016-05-312019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - BRepFeat_SplitShape returns self-intersecting result since OCC 7.0.0bugs modalg_7 bug27553
  00298603nbv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (emv)open7.5.0*2018-06-132019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - BOPAlgo_BuilderFace cannot build new faces correctly
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (jgv)open7.5.0*2018-10-062019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet failure on small edge
  0029957 jgv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (jgv)open7.5.0*2018-07-132019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - BiTgte_Blend algorithm gives wrong result on compound of two conical faces
  00242583kgv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (emv)openUnscheduled2013-10-142019-09-04Documentation - Classes in TKBO toolkit lack documentationNot needed
  0029656 nbv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (emv)open7.5.0*2018-03-282019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - General-FUSE reverses edge's orientation
  00277114ssv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (msv)open7.5.0*2016-07-262019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - Blend-on-blend corrupts the shapebugs modalg_7 bug27711
  002595010pkv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (msv)openUnscheduled2015-03-172019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - Bad performance of intersection algorithmlowalgos intss bug25950
  00244183emv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (msv)openUnscheduled2013-11-292019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - Wrong section curves when intersecting analytical surfacesbugs modalg_7 bug24418_1, bug24418_2
  00297281nbv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (msv)openUnscheduled2018-04-252019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - BRepFill_PipeShell algorithm produces invalid result
  00291043emv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
featureassigned (msv)openUnscheduled2017-09-132019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - Reject use of starting point in Prm-Prm intersection algorithm
  00267403nbv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (msv)openUnscheduled2015-10-012019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - Incorrect result of blend operation in "blend simple X4" test case
  002950112nbv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (msv)openUnscheduled2018-02-132019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - Intersection algorithm produces the curve with loop
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (msv)openUnscheduled2016-07-222019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - Boolean operation returns empty compound for a shape containing a nearly plane cone
  00247725Roman Lygin[Community]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (msv)openUnscheduled2014-03-282019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - Intersection of cylinder and cone produces incorrect resultsbugs modalg_7 bug24772
minorassigned (oan)open7.5.0*2014-07-302019-09-04Mesh - Progress indication and user break functionality for BRepMesh component
  00226181san[Open CASCADE]
featureassigned (san)open7.5.0*2011-06-212019-09-04Visualization - Tool for building generic wireframe representation of a face
  0030898 denix56[Community]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minornew (msv)open2019-08-132019-09-04Modeling Algorithms - Incorrect shape produced in BRepOffsetAPI_MakePipeShell
  00302381kgv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (kgv)open7.5.0*2018-10-142019-09-04Configuration - NCollection_Array1<OSD_Timer> crashes on destruction when using msvc
  00307915nds[Open CASCADE]
featurenew (nds)open7.5.0*2019-06-182019-09-04Visualization - possibility to display materials by different hatching style for clipping
  002918130kgv[Open CASCADE]
TOOLS:Jenkins Certification Tool
featureassigned (apn)open2017-10-042019-09-02Jenkins Certification Tool - testing with enabled exceptions (undefined No_Exception)
  00245252pkv[Open CASCADE]
minorassigned (san)open7.5.0*2014-01-102019-09-01Draw Harness - axonometric view should use double-bufferbugs modalg_7 bug24525
  0030912 nds[Open CASCADE]
minornew (kgv)open7.5.0*2019-08-222019-08-22Visualization - OpenGl_Text with height less than 2 points
  00307379nds[Open CASCADE]
featurenew (nds)open7.5.0*2019-05-232019-08-20Visualization - implementing new selection schemes in context
  00241411kgv[Open CASCADE]
minorassigned (kgv)open7.5.0*2013-09-032019-08-13Draw Harness, ViewerTest - AIS_InteractiveContext should be explicitly cleared before removal
  00267913kgv[Open CASCADE]
featureassigned (kgv)open7.5.0*2015-10-212019-08-13Visualization, TKOpenGl - apply view resolution to built-in markers
  00237601san[Open CASCADE]
integration requestassigned (kgv)open7.5.0*2013-02-142019-08-13Visualization - drop redundant class AIS_Triangulation
  0030598 kgv[Open CASCADE]
integration requestassigned (tizmaylo)open7.5.0*2019-03-212019-08-13Visualization - redesign Prs3d_Drawer as aspects map
  00272231dbp[Open CASCADE]
featureassigned (dbp)open7.5.0*2016-03-032019-08-13Visualization, Ray Tracing - add support of clipping planes
  00263659nbv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Foundation Classes
minorassigned (kgv)open7.5.0*2015-06-232019-08-13Optimization of work of OSD_Parallel class members for GeomLib_CheckCurveOnSurfaceNot required
  00259146asl[Open CASCADE]
minorassigned (asl)open7.5.0*2015-03-112019-08-13Visualization, MeshVS - text labels are drawn behind the object
  0025476 kgv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
featureassigned (kgv)open7.5.0*2014-11-132019-08-13Data Exchange - implement import of mesh data from files in PLY format
  00254631kgv[Open CASCADE]
minorassigned (kgv)open7.5.0*2014-11-112019-08-13Visualization - MeshVS_ElementalColorPrsBuilder produces inefficient structures for elements with unique colors
  00219116kgv[Open CASCADE]
featureassigned (kgv)open7.5.0*2010-07-212019-08-13Visualization - FitALL doesn't use all available spacebugs vis bug21911
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