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    PID # ReporterCategorySeverityStatusResolutionTarget VersionDate SubmittedUpdatedSummaryTest case number
  00297533Vico Liang[Community]
featurenew (kgv)open7.5.0*2018-05-112019-09-04Visualization - Virtual Aspect_Window should also consider position(x, y) besides size (length, width)
  00250612oan[Open CASCADE]
featurenew (oan)open7.5.0*2014-07-092019-09-04BRepMesh should skip internal wires with self intersections to produce mesh for the shape anywaybugs mesh bug25061
  00306404kgv[Open CASCADE]
featurenew (kgv)open7.5.0*2019-04-082019-09-04Visualization, Graphic3d_Camera - add option creating Projection matrix with [0,1] depth range
  00305991kgv[Open CASCADE]
featureassigned (tizmaylo)open7.5.0*2019-03-212019-09-04Visualization - implement StdPrs_SectionLines tool
  0030126 kgv[Open CASCADE]
featurenew (kgv)open7.5.0*2018-09-112019-09-04Visualization, OpenGl_ShaderManager - define standard Lighting & Clipping within custom GLSL programs as template functions
  0030819 kgv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (kgv)open7.5.0*2019-06-302019-09-04Visualization - capping plane texture artifacts
  00307621kgv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Foundation Classes
featurenew (abv)open7.5.0*2019-06-032019-09-04Foundation Classes - optionally include backtrace within dangerous exceptions like OSD_SIGSEGV
  0029642 abv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Foundation Classes
minornew (abv)open7.5.0*2018-03-242019-09-04Deprecate TCollection classes except strings
  00295392kgv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2018-03-022019-09-04Data Exchange - unable to read VRML from data samples
  0024918 san[Open CASCADE]
featurenew (san)open7.5.0*2014-05-132019-09-04Visualization, MeshVS - improve rendering of volume mesh
  0029993 kgv[Open CASCADE]
featurenew (kgv)open7.5.0*2018-07-272019-09-04Visualization - AIS_TextLabel computes selection primitive only for attachment point
  0029985 Freeman[Community]
minornew (kgv)duplicate7.5.0*2018-07-252019-09-04Visualization - Wrong result of V3d_View::FitAll() for a straight line segment
  0029838 kgv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Application Framework
minornew (mpv)open7.5.0*2018-06-052019-09-04Application Framework - TObj.msg defines unused messages
  0029750 nds[Open CASCADE]
minornew (vro)open7.5.0*2018-05-102019-09-04Samples - Inspector tool - function arrows are not updated by moving a node in FuncDemo qt sample
OCCT:Data Exchange
majornew (gka)open7.5.0*2018-03-112019-09-04STEP Import and Export failure
minornew (kgv)open7.5.0*2016-11-302019-09-04Visualization - MSAA has no effect on clipping planes when using built-in GLSL programs
  00277483kgv[Open CASCADE]
featurenew (kgv)open7.5.0*2016-08-032019-09-04Visualization - clipping and capping improvements
OCCT:Data Exchange
majornew (gka)open7.5.0*2017-01-302019-09-04Step entity not correctly read.Not required
  0028124 abv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (kgv)open7.5.0*2016-11-172019-09-04Visualization - availability of standard textures
  0027866 solomin_s[Community]
minornew (kgv)open7.5.0*2016-09-122019-09-04Visualization - Invalid AIS_MultipleConnectedInteractive object detecting.
  0028837 Vico Liang[Community]
featurenew (kgv)open7.5.0*2017-06-132019-09-04Visualization - Provide a selection style to make all object transparant except the selected object(s)
  00265971abv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2015-08-252019-09-04Internal exceptions in test de step_3 F1de step_3 F1
  0029040 emv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Shape Healing
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2017-08-232019-09-04Incorrect treatment of the seam edges in ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain algorithm
integration requestfeedback (abv)open7.5.0*2016-02-192019-09-04Documentation - redesign of information architecture
  00270691Roman Lygin[Community]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2016-01-092019-09-04IGES parser does not recognize comments in Parameters sectionbugs xde bug27069
  002630218ink[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minorresolved (gka)open7.5.0*2015-06-022019-09-04New functionality. Converting the assembly to compound.bugs xde bug26302
  00226428ssv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Shape Healing
trivialassigned (ssv)open7.5.0*2011-07-012019-09-04Refactoring of ShapeFix_Wire::FixIntersectingEdgesbugs heal bug22642
  0029242 ika[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2017-10-182019-09-04Data Exchange - Crash during reading STEP file.
  0029241 ika[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2017-10-182019-09-04Data Exchange - Epmpty shape after reading STEP file.
  0029240 ika[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2017-10-182019-09-04Data Exchange - Crash during reading STEP file
  0029233 aml[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2017-10-172019-09-04Incorrect result of conversion to the STEP format.
  002923011kgv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Foundation Classes
featureassigned (kgv)open7.5.0*2017-10-152019-09-04Foundation Classes - provide move constructors for basic collections
  00291211nbv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2017-09-182019-09-04Iges-reader reads invalid shape
  00287431abk[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Shape Healing
minorassigned (abk)open7.5.0*2017-05-152019-09-04'Draw' command 'unifysamedom' accepts the angular tolerance in radians instead of degrees
OCCT:Shape Healing
minorassigned (gka)open7.5.0*2011-12-202019-09-04Error during triangulationbugs heal bug22869
  00286027msv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Shape Healing
minorassigned (isn)open7.5.0*2017-03-282019-09-04Prevent ShapeFix_Shape to modify the input shape
OCCT:Shape Healing
minorassigned (abv)open7.5.0*2014-06-182019-09-04ShapeFix_Wire::FixIntersectingEdges finds wrong intersection point
  00208271epa[Open CASCADE]
trivialassigned (oan)open7.5.0*2009-01-222019-09-04Problem of displaying in SHADING mode bugs modalg_2 bug20827
  0028505 aba[Open CASCADE]
minornew (aba)open7.5.0*2017-03-022019-09-04Visualization - let dynamic elements of interactive object notify of bounding box changing
  00280751Vico Liang[Community]
minornew (kgv)open7.5.0*2016-11-092019-09-04Visualization - AIS_ColorScale::SetTitlePosition() has no effect
  0027924 Roman Lygin[Community]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2016-09-302019-09-04IGES importer/exporter incorrectly parametrizes pcurves on conical surface (type 194)
  0027616 Vico Liang[Community]
OCCT:Shape Healing
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2016-06-182019-09-04DropSmallEdges doesn't remove small edges as expected
  0027246 Istvan Csanady[Community]
OCCT:Shape Healing
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2016-03-102019-09-04ShapeFix_Shape destroys shape
  00271421aba[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
featurenew (gka)open7.5.0*2016-02-082019-09-04Data Exchange - add possibility to set location in XCAFDoc_ShapeTool interface
  0027046 abv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2015-12-282019-09-04STEP -- Possible misuse of StepData_StepModel::SetIdentLabel() in StepAP209_Construct
  002616810ink[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minorassigned (gka)open7.5.0*2015-04-302019-09-04Lost colors for IGES importbugs xde(005) bug26168
  00255133skl[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minorassigned (skl)open7.5.0*2014-11-242019-09-04Choose of projector during import operation
minorassigned (kgv)open7.5.0*2014-04-232019-09-04Visulization, TKOpenGl - Exception when many views are created
OCCT:Shape Healing
minorassigned (gka)open7.5.0*2015-11-292019-09-04ShapeFix_Shape damages the revolved shape
  00264103Vico Liang[Community]
OCCT:Shape Healing
majornew (gka)open7.5.0*2015-07-092019-09-04ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain::Generated method returns mismatched shape.
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