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OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
trivialassigned (jgv)reopened2010-09-172017-09-18Exception during a loft building between two closed contoursbugs modalg_7 bug22021_1, bug22021_2, bug22021_3, bug22021_4, bug22021_5, bug22021_6
  00073224skl[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
trivialassigned (pdn)open2004-11-292017-09-18Problem in XDE readingNot needed
  00095362skl[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Shape Healing
trivialassigned (pdn)open2005-07-212017-09-18Regression after perform fixshapebugs modalg_7 bug9536
  00084125gka[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
trivialassignedopen2005-03-162017-09-15Command vprops has invalid volume on attached shape.bugs modalg_7 bug8412
  00083635skl[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Shape Healing
trivialassigned (pdn)open2005-03-052017-09-15Problem in the working of ShapeFixbugs heal bug8363
  00079294vro[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
trivialassigned (msv)open2005-01-312017-09-15Offset crashes on b-spline curvebugs modalg_7 bug7929
  00077769vro[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
trivialassigned (msv)open2005-01-202017-09-15Algorithm of Offset doesn't work properly for SIN-like b-spline curvesbugs modalg_7 bug7776
  00289661Vico Liang[Community]
integration requestnew (kgv)openUnscheduled2017-08-012017-09-15Coding Rules - remove Adaptor2d_HCurve2d, Adaptor3d_HCurve and Adaptor3d_HSurface classes
  00290601msv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (msv)open7.4.0*2017-08-282017-09-15BRepOffset_MakeOffset produces invalid shape in test bugs modalg_7 bug28131
  00257542abv[Open CASCADE]
minorresolved (bugmaster)open2015-01-262017-09-14Mantis should allow selection of any person in the filter
  00007748emo[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
trivialassigned (msv)open2002-09-242017-09-14It's impossible to cut one shape from another. SAM1647, #3089bugs modalg_4 bug774_1, bugs modalg_4 bug774_2
  000059217mkk[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
trivialacknowledgedsuspended2002-08-072017-09-12BRepCheck_Analyzer does not detect faulty shapebugs moddata_2 bug592
  00050816mkk[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
trivialacknowledgedsuspended2004-01-232017-09-11BRepOffset_MakeOffsetShape algorithm does not return valid result.bugs modalg_7 bug5081_1, bug5081_2
  00055823ofv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
trivialacknowledged (bugmaster)suspended2004-03-312017-09-08Impossible to make offset on the shape with degenerated edgebugs modalg_7 bug5582
  00055312apo[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Foundation Classes
trivialacknowledged (imv)suspended2004-03-252017-09-08It is impossible avoid "using namespace std" directive when use OCCNot required
  00274093abv[Open CASCADE]
featureresolved (abv)open7.4.0*2016-04-212017-09-08Provide API header files for OCCTNot required
  00290824bugmaster[Open CASCADE]
minorassigned (apn)open7.4.0*2017-09-042017-09-07Configuration: Swresample-2.dll is not installedNot needed
  0029085 abv[Community]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minornew (msv)open7.4.0*2017-09-062017-09-06Modeling - fillet fails on synthetic case (sphere cut by cylinder)
  00290801mkv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minornew (msv)open7.4.0*2017-09-042017-09-04bopcheck work very slow.
  0029071 abv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (kgv)open7.4.0*2017-09-012017-09-01VC10 compiler warnings 'unreachable code' when building with link-time code generation
  0028817 kgv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Foundation Classes
minornew (abv)open7.4.0*2017-06-062017-08-30Foundation Classes - Quantity_Date can not handle POSIX time 1 January, 1970Not required
  00290081abv[Open CASCADE]
minorresolved (bugmaster)open2017-08-172017-08-29Dev portal - Members list is overlapped by right menu boxes
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
majornew (msv)open2017-05-152017-08-29Draft on face failsbugs modalg_7 bug28739
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
majornew (msv)open2017-01-172017-08-29BOP Common fails with solid and planar facebugs modalg_7 bug28366
  002707442Roman Lygin[Community]
OCCT:Modeling Data
featurefeedback (abv)open2016-01-132017-08-29Support of multi-span cache in Geom[2d]Adaptor
integration requestfeedback (abv)open7.4.0*2016-02-192017-08-28Documentation - redesign of information architecture
  00283291abv[Open CASCADE]
minorfeedback (ski)open7.4.0*2017-01-032017-08-28Samples - add sample for use of OCCT from Visual Basic app
  0029061 abv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minornew (msv)open7.4.0*2017-08-282017-08-28Modeling - offset cannot be built properly on partial cone
  0029059 emv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minornew (msv)open7.4.0*2017-08-282017-08-28It is necessary to have a unique way of checking of the validity of the edge and its 2D curves
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
majornew (msv)open2016-11-152017-08-25Sweep fails in "Right Corner" modebugs modalg_7 bug28108
  0028087 jma[Open CASCADE]
featurenew (bugmaster)openUnscheduled2016-11-112017-08-25OCCT Samples RedesignNot required
  00280861jma[Open CASCADE]
featurenew (bugmaster)openUnscheduled2016-11-112017-08-25Improve Usability of DrawNot required
  00290326ssv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minorassigned (ssv)open7.4.0*2017-08-222017-08-23Provide XDE interface for exploration of assembly structure
  00281442epa[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
majornew (gka)open7.4.0*2016-11-222017-08-23Step reader - regression in comparison of version OCCT654bugs step bug28144
minornew (bugmaster)open2016-09-292017-08-23Qt Samples Document Window Display ProblemNot required
  0029040 emv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Shape Healing
minornew (gka)open7.4.0*2017-08-232017-08-23Incorrect treatment of the seam edges in ShapeUpgrade_UnifySameDomain algorithm
  0029035 Vico Liang[Community]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minornew (msv)open7.4.0*2017-08-222017-08-22Boolean operation of Sphere and Cylinder result wrong
minorassigned (san)open7.4.0*2011-08-092017-08-22Image dump of 3D Viewer is limited to Video hardware limits
  0029030 abv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (bugmaster)open7.4.0*2017-08-222017-08-22Samples - show hint for mouse controls of 3D viewer
  00290242abv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (apn)open7.4.0*2017-08-212017-08-21DRAW - use common approach for reporting error message on wrong command arguments
   00231331ski[Open CASCADE]
minorassigned (msv)open2012-05-042017-08-21command mkface doesn't rise an exception for invalid parameters for beziercurvemkface after_extsurf_and_offset C6, C7, C8, C9
  00271861abv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)openUnscheduled2016-02-182017-08-18IGES - reconsider creation of Undefined entity in case of failurebugs iges bug27186
  00271851abv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.4.0*2016-02-182017-08-18IGES - incorrect reading of DE for undefined entityde iges_2 F9
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open2016-07-282017-08-18STEP error for Ellipse revol shapebugs xde bug27722
  0029012 kgv[Open CASCADE]
TOOLS:Jenkins Certification Tool
featurenew (bugmaster)open7.4.0*2017-08-182017-08-18Jenkins Certification Tool - share Message-id within notifications mails
  0027099 ifv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (msv)open7.4.0*2016-01-212017-08-17Some tests use wrong input shapesbugs modalg_2 bug472_2, bugs modalg_4 bug774_1, bugs moddata_1 buc60848, bugs xde bug6366
  00270691Roman Lygin[Community]
OCCT:Data Exchange
minornew (gka)open7.4.0*2016-01-092017-08-17IGES parser does not recognize comments in Parameters sectionbugs xde bug27069
  00249753ski[Open CASCADE]
minorresolved (abv)open7.4.0*2014-05-302017-08-17Improve of preprocessor directives in header files to be equal to the file name
  00269781ssv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (aba)open7.4.0*2015-12-102017-08-16Interactive selection is insensitive to swept shellv3d ivtk bug26978
  00289901Vico Liang[Community]
minornew (kgv)open7.4.0*2017-08-112017-08-16class Prs3d_Root can be removed
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