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    PID # ReporterCategorySeverityStatusResolutionTarget VersionDate SubmittedUpdatedSummaryTest case number
  00128007pkv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
trivialassigned (jgv)open7.5.0*2006-06-292019-08-12Projection curve on surface is failed bugs modalg_7 bug12800
   00001408bugmaster[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
trivialassigned (msv)suspended7.5.0*2002-01-232019-08-12Fillet is created incorrectly on attached shape.bugs modalg_1 bug140, bug140_2
  00276372nbv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (nbv)open7.5.0*2016-06-242019-08-12Method Geom_BSplineCurve::Segment() produces invalid B-spline curve while the source curve seems to be OK
  0027462 ibs[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
just a questionassigned (jgv)open7.5.0*2016-05-042019-08-12OCCT, Modeling Algorithms - Shape and Modified(source shape) methods return not the same TShape in BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet algo
  00273771emv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (nbv)open7.5.0*2016-04-122019-08-12The section curve between two cylinders is unnecessarily split on two
  0026234 pkv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (emv)open7.5.0*2015-05-192019-08-12Bad performance of E/F intersection algorithm.
  00259611nbv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (nbv)open7.5.0*2015-03-202019-08-12Wrong result of projection point on the ellipse
  0025949 pkv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (nbv)open7.5.0*2015-03-172019-08-12Wrong result obtained by intersection algorithm.
  0025948 pkv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (gka)open7.5.0*2015-03-172019-08-12Wrong result obtained by sewing algorithm.
  0025947 pkv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (nbv)open7.5.0*2015-03-172019-08-12Wrong result obtained by intersection algorithm.
  00259001pkv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (nbv)open7.5.0*2015-03-062019-08-12Incomplete result obtained by intersection algorithm.
  00249561nbv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (emv)open7.5.0*2014-05-262019-08-12Wrong result of Boolean Operation (test "boolean bcut_complex O8") despite test case considering OK.
  00247903jgv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (nbv)open7.5.0*2014-04-022019-08-12Missing intersection curve between two surfaces.
  002427816ifv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
featureassigned (ifv)open7.5.0*2013-10-222019-08-12Diagnostic possible intersection loopsNot needed
  0023807 abv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (emv)open7.5.0*2013-03-012019-08-12New Boolean operations have lower performance in some cases
  00049027skl[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
trivialassigned (msv)open7.5.0*2003-12-232019-08-12Incorrected work of DRAW command bcut
OCCT:Modeling Data
integration requestassigned (msv)open7.5.0*2016-09-262019-08-12Patch AdvApp2Var_ApproxAFunc2Var to handle the non-uniform bspline segmentation conditions
  00274891Vico Liang[Community]
OCCT:Modeling Data
minorassigned (ifv)open7.5.0*2016-05-112019-08-12Ellipse display issue
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorassigned (drazmyslovich)open7.5.0*2019-08-072019-08-12Avoid the loop in reshaper
  00280331kgv[Open CASCADE]
minornewopen7.5.0*2016-11-012019-08-12Visualization - Graphic3d_Camera::ZFitAll() throws exception on camera rotation
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorfeedback (msv)openUnscheduled2014-03-032019-08-12Invalid result of Boolean fuse operation
OCCT:Modeling Data
just a questionfeedback (msv)no change requiredUnscheduled2017-03-062019-08-12GProp_GProps missleading method name
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorfeedback (msv)open7.5.0*2018-05-142019-08-12Modeling Algorithms - BRepExtrema_DistShapeShape Should Give Access to Its Solutions
  00288001emv[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minorfeedbackopenUnscheduled2017-06-012019-08-12The compound of two faces is incorrectly detected as self-interfered
  0030877 Vico Liang[Community]
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
minornew (msv)open7.5.0*2019-08-082019-08-08boolean failed on specific models
OCCT:Modeling Algorithms
majorassigned (pkv)open2015-08-112019-07-23Boolean cuts with Multiple tools fails when cutting with two half spaces
  00055312apo[Open CASCADE]
OCCT:Foundation Classes
trivialacknowledged (imv)suspended2004-03-252019-07-21Foundation classes - it is impossible avoid "using namespace std" directive when use OCCNot required
  002114210szy[Open CASCADE]
trivialfeedback (abv)open7.5.0*2009-05-282019-07-19Memory leaks using standard OCCT samples
minornew (bugmaster)open7.5.0*2019-02-262019-07-19OCCT Qt Samples Cannot Be Built With MSYS or MSYS2
  00296051Vico Liang[Community]
minornew (apn)open7.5.0*2018-03-212019-07-19Samples, AndroidQt - Qt::AA_EnableHighDpiScaling display issue
majorfeedback (apn)open7.5.0*2018-10-262019-07-19OCCT Qt Tutorial Sample Cannot Be Built on Linux
  0027406 ibs[Open CASCADE]
featurenew (abv)open7.5.0*2016-04-202019-07-19Documentation, Doxygen - the possibility to add example to a class in OCCT reference manualNot required
  0030662 tizmaylo[Open CASCADE]
minornew (abv)open7.5.0*2019-04-182019-07-19Documentation - "Open CASCADE Technology → User Guides → Visualization" section is outdated
  0030664 tizmaylo[Open CASCADE]
minornew (abv)open7.5.0*2019-04-182019-07-19Documentation - Draw Test Harness Manual is outdated
  00254712jgv[Open CASCADE]
minorfeedback (gka)open7.5.0*2014-11-122019-07-19Group of tests "sewing/tol_100" is useless.
  0027099 ifv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (msv)open7.5.0*2016-01-212019-07-19Some tests use wrong input shapesbugs modalg_2 bug472_2, bugs modalg_4 bug774_1, bugs moddata_1 buc60848, bugs xde bug6366
  002659812nbv[Open CASCADE]
minorfeedback (abv)open7.5.0*2015-08-252019-07-19Some test cases fail if macros OCCT_DEBUG is enabled
  0028608 ski[Open CASCADE]
minornew (abv)open7.5.0*2017-03-302019-07-19Exceptions appear in test cases if macros OCCT_DEBUG is enabled
  00291111bugmaster[Open CASCADE]
minornew (bugmaster)open7.5.0*2017-09-142019-07-19Reclassification of UNSTABLE test cases
  00267066apn[Open CASCADE]
minorresolved (abv)open7.5.0*2015-09-182019-07-19Create commands for testing procedure
  0030620 kgv[Open CASCADE]
minorassigned (emv)open7.5.0*2019-03-292019-07-19Tests - perf/bop/buildfaces does not match description (broken)
  00244861kgv[Open CASCADE]
minorassigned (kgv)open7.5.0*2013-12-202019-07-19Draw Harness - cerr and cout streams are not interleaved in logNot needed
  00292762msv[Open CASCADE]
minorassigned (emv)open7.5.0*2017-10-312019-07-19Draw: Reset Boolean options to default state after running any test
  00301201kgv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (gka)open7.5.0*2018-09-102019-07-19Draw Harness - fixshape command does not heal missing 3D curves
  0030206 msv[Open CASCADE]
tweaknew (emv)open7.5.0*2018-10-052019-07-19Improve API of commands bbop and bapibop
  00251343san[Open CASCADE]
featureassignedopen7.5.0*2014-08-072019-07-19Extended mode for checkshape command
  00289332oan[Open CASCADE]
minorfeedback (oan)open7.5.0*2017-07-212019-07-19Configuration - CMake generates OCCT project without SSE options for 32-bit Linux target
  0030639 apn[Open CASCADE]
minorassigned (kgv)open7.5.0*2019-04-082019-07-19Configuration, qmake - unable to build with VTKNot needed
  00283291abv[Open CASCADE]
minorfeedback (ski)open7.5.0*2017-01-032019-07-19Samples - add sample for use of OCCT from Visual Basic app
  0029030 abv[Open CASCADE]
minornew (bugmaster)open7.5.0*2017-08-222019-07-19Samples - show hint for mouse controls of 3D viewer
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