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0033683CommunityOCCT:Data Exchangepublic2024-04-16 12:53
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Summary0033683: Cone imported from STeP file with only one trimming loop (out of two)
DescriptionThe second surface of the attached file is a cone with two outer loops, i.e. two circles which limit the face surface to the portion of the cone between the two "rings".
However only one loop is imported, resulting in a semi infinite cone.


As can be seen, face 0000376 has two loops (although perhaps they should both be either FACE_BOUND or FACE_OUTER_BOUND, as no one is inside the other?)
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  • SPINA_CARRELLO_AGGIORNATA_2.stp (39,684 bytes)


has duplicate 0033682 newichesnokova Data Exchange - Cone imported from STEP file with only one trimming loop (out of two) 



2024-04-16 11:36


SPINA_CARRELLO_AGGIORNATA_2.stp (39,684 bytes)


2024-04-16 12:53

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Issue is duplicated: 0033683

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