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0033543CommunityOCCT:Data Exchangepublic2024-03-20 11:57
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Summary0033543: Data Exchange, Step import - STEP file is not imported correctly
DescriptionI have a model built in Eyeshot ( and I can export STEP files or IGS. It seems that the STEP file (attached) is not translated correctly by OpenCASCADE, instead the IGS file is opened correctly. I don't know if this is a bug or a limitation. I'm not using OpenCASCADE directly but I am using gmsh which uses OCCT to import step files.

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  • Piece2.igs (64,862 bytes)
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2023-12-05 17:27


Piece2.igs (64,862 bytes)
Piece2.step (29,116 bytes)


2024-02-21 19:13

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Reminder sent to: ika


2024-02-21 20:59

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Dear @mattfill
The current issue is in the queue.
Unfortunately, we were not able to resolve any community issues immediatly.


2024-02-28 21:04

administrator   ~0115192

Dear @mattfill
The problem based on step file content. This file has not usual representation.
But we accept that and be able to process. But for that you need to use some specific parameter that accept to read that type of files.
There are sample how to read that kind of file:
//... call any read process
// This settings apply for any read process started after that modifications.

Defines the approach used for selection of top-level STEP entities for translation, and for recognition of assembly structures

1 (ON) – PRODUCT_DEFINITION entities are taken as top-level ones; assembly structure is recognized by NEXT_ASSEMBLY_USAGE_OCCURRENCE entities. This is regular mode for reading valid STEP files conforming to AP 214, AP203 or AP 209.
0 (OFF) – SHAPE_DEFINITION_REPRESENTATION entities are taken as top-level ones; assembly is recognized by CONTEXT_DEPENDENT_SHAPE_REPRESENTATION entities. This is compatibility mode, which can be used for reading legacy STEP files produced by older versions of STEP translators and having incorrect or incomplete product information.


2024-03-20 11:57

reporter   ~0115426

Indeed this has solved the issue,

Thank you

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