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0033517CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2024-05-16 14:10
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Product Version7.7.1 
Summary0033517: Incorrect boolean intersection (BRepAlgoAPI_Common)
DescriptionComputing the intersection between the following two breps (former.brep and single.brep) using BRepAlgoAPI_Common returns an empty intersection.

Slightly translating the shape in single.brep (e.g. by 1e-4 along the x-axis) leads to the expected result (i.e. a non-empty intersection).
Steps To ReproduceLoad former.brep and single.brep and apply BRepAlgoAPI_Common on the top-level TopoDS_Solids.
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  • former.brep (309,220 bytes)
  • single.brep (33,607 bytes)


duplicate of 0033516 new Incorrect boolean intersection (BRepAlgoAPI_Common) 



2023-10-30 13:44

reporter   ~0114452

2 brep files to reproduce the issue:
former.brep (309,220 bytes)
single.brep (33,607 bytes)


2023-12-20 12:00

reporter   ~0114829

Could somebody have a look? I've just tested with OCCT 7.8.0 and the issue is still present.

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