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0033492CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2024-05-16 14:43
ReporterPeterB Assigned Todpasukhi  
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Product Version7.7.1 
Summary0033492: STEP generated with OC 7.3.0: infinite loop in HLRBRep_InternalAlgo::Update() when imported with OC 7.6.0, 7.7.0, 7.7,2
Descriptionwe have a STEP file that was generated / saved with OC 7.3.0

=== OK / GOOD ===
with OC 7.3.0 we still were able to generate the right and left hand 2D views

with OC 7.6.0, 7.7.0, 7.7,2 the right and left hand 2D views cannot be generated any more due to an infinite loop in HLRBRep_InternalAlgo::Update()
=> see attached call stack

=== related OC issues ===
0033226: Modeling Alghorithms - Infinite loop in HLRBRep_InternalAlgo::Update() generating 2D view of right hand side from STEP file
=> root cause *might* be the same

=== TMS ===
customer issue ticket: Designer-43001
Steps To Reproducesee attached:
   NOTE: contains ReadMe.txt
+ STEP file "Designer-43001--Beispiel_2.stp"
   NOTE: could not be attached as it has 8.5 MB
+ screenshot of call stack of infinite loop in HLRBRep_InternalAlgo::Update()

The contained Visual Studio 17 solution exemplifies in an STEP to DXF command line tool how we use OpenCascade to read STEP files and generate the six 2D views (front, back, right, left, top, bottom)

Generating the *right* and *left* hand side 2D views for the attached STEP file the execution hangs in an infinite loop in HLRBRep_InternalAlgo::Update()

severity of an infinite loop is IMHO comparable to "crash"
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2023-09-26 16:44


OC-7.3.0-inf-loop-HLRBRep_InternalAlgo-Update.png (76,343 bytes) (10,518 bytes)


2024-03-14 19:05

reporter   ~0115370

still reproducible with OpenCascade 7.8.0

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