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0033490Open CASCADEOCCT:Data Exchangepublic2023-09-26 18:59
Reporteroan Assigned Todpasukhi  
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Target Version7.7.2 
Summary0033490: Data Exchange - eliminate code duplication in XCAFDoc_ViewTool
DescriptionXCAFDoc_ViewTool contains code duplication in several places:

All three XCAFDoc_ViewTool::SetView() methods could be simplified to the ones just extending functionality of previous, more general, one:
1) implements functionality for aChGNode, aShapeGNode and aShapeGNode;
2) calls 1) and implements additional functionality for aPlaneGNode;
3) calls 2) and implements additional functionality for aNoteGNode, aAnnotGNode.

Methods GetRefShapeLabel(), GetRefGDTLabel(), GetRefClippingPlaneLabel(), GetRefNoteLabel() and GetRefAnnotationLabel() can be replaced by a single private implementation with attribute GUID passed as a parameter.

The same is for GetViewLabelsForShape(), GetViewLabelsForGDT(), GetViewLabelsForClippingPlane(), GetViewLabelsForNote() and GetViewLabelsForAnnotation() methods.

These changes will reduce amount of code of XCAFDoc_ViewTool class three times and simplify further debugging avoiding necessity to make the same change in three or more different places.
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