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0033482CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2023-09-19 16:44
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Summary0033482: Modeling Algorithms - Bad result with BRepAlgoAPI_Common
DescriptionHi !

BRepAlgoAPI_Common can give no result although there is clearly a big common part between 2 shapes (see attached picture)
Steps To ReproduceYou can use Tool and Argument joined in ""
Additional information
and documentation updates
A very slight transformation in Z of one shape give the right result. You can check with Argument and Tool in "".

It looks like the result is bad when the shapes are perfectly aligned in Z (see picture).

It seems that "curves" value in myDS can be wrong.

Behaviour between good case and bad case is different in getBoundPaves (hierarchy is PutBoundPaveOnCurve / MakeBlocks / ... / IntersectShapes) : vertex and point compared are sometimes too different.
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2023-09-12 19:48

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2023-09-19 16:44

developer   ~0114189

Dear @j.bourgoin. current problem can be solved by decreasing the tolerance for boolean operation (to 0.00001).
If it is not your case, we can continue investigate this problem.

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