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0033447CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2024-06-07 15:27
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Summary0033447: Modeling Algorithms - BSpline curves, ellipse after operation offset try to export step gives error
DescriptionI have a problem with exporting the offset ellipse, BSpline to the step, during the Transfer it gives an error.
And when I try to get from the offset curve Face, it doesn't work correctly.
Steps To ReproduceI use these steps.
I use gp_Ellipse to create an Ellipse

gpAx = gp_Ax(gp_Pnt (0, 0, 0), gp_Dir(0,0,1))
gpEllipse = gp_Elips(gpAx, 10, 20);

makeOffset = BRepOffsetAPI_MakeOffset_2(gpEllipse.Face(), GeomAbs_JoinType);
offsetSize = 5 or -5
makeOffset.Perform(offsetSize, 0);

When offsetSize is a negative number the export works when it is positive it throws an error, and sometimes opposite.

step_writer = STEPControl_Writer()
step_writer.Transfer(inner_wire, STEPControl_AsIs)
****** Statistics on Transfer (Write) ******

****** Transfer Mode = 0 I.E. As Is ******
****** Transferring Shape, ShapeType = 0 ******
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