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0033404Open CASCADEOCCT:Configurationpublic2023-07-31 13:20
Reporterdpasukhi Assigned Todpasukhi  
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Target Version7.7.3 
Summary0033404: Configuration - Building with Cotire failed on Clang-15
DescriptionThe reason of such behavior on Ubuntu stations(Clang-15) is that file
contains including of header file /usr/include/inttypes.h

There 2 solutions - use old definition way with macro or use C++ include.
Old definition way is necessary to compilers that not support c++11. But we dropped of supper them.
So, the reasonable solution - use c++ includes.
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2023-06-06 16:19

administrator   ~0113617

Branch CR33404 has been created by dpasukhi.

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Author: dpasukhi
Date: Tue Jun 6 13:19:14 2023 +0000

    0033404: Configuration - Building with Cotire failed on Clang-15
    Replaced old including of int defs from C standard into C++(11+) standard


2023-06-06 16:23

administrator   ~0113618

Branch CR33404 has been updated forcibly by dpasukhi.

SHA-1: c975787c6c6ed685f5eb026201249df9df87656f

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