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0033400Open CASCADEOCCT:Data Exchangepublic2023-09-30 01:31
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Product Version7.7.1 
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Summary0033400: Data Exchange - Wire order change on STEP Exchange
DescriptionWriting attached shape to STEP and reading it back leads to unexpected changes of wire order on one of its faces (# 15).

Also it should be taken into account that neighbor face has invalidity (that is covered by tolerance, thus shape is valid) that moves to this face after export/import. Imported face has a small gap and isn't properly tessellated.
Steps To Reproduce
restore input.brep s1
testwritestep bug.step s1
testreadstep bug.step s2
explode s1 f
explode s2 f
explode s1_15 e
explode s2_15 e

#Order of edges is reversed
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2023-05-30 14:35


input.brep (58,447 bytes)

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