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0033337Open CASCADEOCCT:DRAWpublic2023-03-12 15:27
Reporterdpasukhi Assigned Tobugmaster  
Status reviewedResolutionopen 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu 20.04 
Product Version7.7.0 
Target Version7.8.0 
Summary0033337: DRAW - Can't load plugins on Linux OS
DescriptionI have some problems with loading plugins.
There a few problem: symbol '\r' and incorrect parsing of plugins list.

gcc (Ubuntu 11.3.0-1ubuntu1~22.04) 11.3.0
GUI - Konsole from gnome
Steps To Reproducetest bugs demo bug23671
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Test case numberbugs demo bug23671


has duplicate 0023671 feedbackbugmaster pload function does not work if $DRAWDEFAULT file has win format 



2023-02-27 16:45

developer   ~0113208

There is problem with Resource_Manager.
We have trouble to cleaing \r symbol.
As soon, as update parsing resource with cleaning \r all working well


2023-03-09 19:25

administrator   ~0113247

Branch CR33337 has been created by dpasukhi.

SHA-1: 721c4b432172a63099967402bca92fa035b27d0e

Detailed log of new commits:

Author: dpasukhi
Date: Thu Mar 9 16:24:11 2023 +0000

    0033337: DRAW - Can't load plugins on Linux OS
    WSL 2 have windows FileSystem and as a result we have \r symbols before \n
    For this cases we can just remove \r\n (\n is a last symbol) for the node value.


2023-03-10 02:27

administrator   ~0113253

Branch CR33337 has been updated forcibly by dpasukhi.

SHA-1: b989082fe113f89aa5a3d0fa1dd56b2ad6ea7a89


2023-03-10 12:31

developer   ~0113256

Dear ika,
please review CR33337

Ubuntu tests are ok, see
There are some problems with Jenkins (windows OS) But This ticket only for the Linux OS. So, We can believe that all should be fine.

I impliment cleaning \r sybmols on the line end. This can be happened if we are working with windows text on Linux OS.


2023-03-10 15:23

developer   ~0113260

No remarks.

Dear bugmaster,
please integrate CR33337

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