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0033323CommunityOCCT:Codingpublic2023-02-03 16:55
Reporterlitavszky Assigned Tolitavszky  
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PlatformUbuntu 22.04 WSLOSUbuntu 22.04 WSL 
Summary0033323: Coding - Missing #include <limits> in ViewerTest_CmdParser.cxx in v7.7.0
DescriptionMissing #include <limits> in ViewerTest_CmdParser.cxx file.

Build stopped with the following compilation error at around 96%:

opencascade-7.7.0/src/ViewerTest/ViewerTest_CmdParser.cxx:53:80: error: ‘numeric_limits’ is not a member of ‘std’
   53 | const std::size_t ViewerTest_CmdParser::THE_UNNAMED_COMMAND_OPTION_KEY = (std::numeric_limits<std::size_t>::max)();

Adding the #include <limits> to the include list in the file solved the problem and the build succesfully finished.
Steps To ReproduceBuild from source on linux, v7.7.0 with out of the box configuration on Ubuntu 22.04 WSL
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duplicate of 0033250 verifieddpasukhi Open CASCADE Configuration - Missing Limits header file 



2023-02-03 12:26

developer   ~0113060

Dear @litavszky

Issue have been resolved within 0033250
If no any new remarks, please let me now. I ask for close issue.

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