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0033241Open CASCADEOCCT:Foundation Classespublic2023-03-06 19:38
ReporteratereshiAssigned Tomsv 
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PlatformWindowsOSVC++ 2017 
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Summary0033241: Foundation Classes - unrealized support for socket type of OSD_File leads to linking of an unused winsock library
DescriptionThe issure 0033235 was resolved by linking wsock32.lib
I found that the only reason to linking this lib is the call of "recv" function in OSD_File_getBuffer in OSD_File.cxx
But I can't find any traces of socket use such as WSA* functions and any Berkeley socket functions.
The only atemp to read OSD_File as socket is than parameter theIsSocket is true.
In turn, the parameter theIsSocket is true only if myIO member of OSD_File has FLAG_SOCKET flag.
The FLAG_SOCKET flag is generated only by _get_file_type function but it does it with mistake.
It uses return of windows api GetFileType function:
    const int aFileType = theFileHandle == INVALID_HANDLE_VALUE
                        ? FILE_TYPE_DISK
                        : GetFileType (theFileHandle);
    switch (aFileType)
        return FLAG_SOCKET;
      case FILE_TYPE_DISK:
        const TCollection_ExtendedString aFileNameW (theFileName, Standard_True);
        WIN32_FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DATA aFileInfo;
        if (GetFileAttributesExW (aFileNameW.ToWideString(), GetFileExInfoStandard, &aFileInfo))
          return aFileInfo.dwFileAttributes & FILE_ATTRIBUTE_DIRECTORY ? FLAG_DIRECTORY : FLAG_FILE;
        return 0x80000000;
      case FILE_TYPE_CHAR:
        return FLAG_DEVICE;
      case FILE_TYPE_PIPE:
        return FLAG_PIPE;

But documentation of GetFileType says:
FILE_TYPE_PIPE - The specified file is a socket, a named pipe, or an anonymous pipe.
FILE_TYPE_UNKNOWN - Either the type of the specified file is unknown, or the function failed.

So, I see three things:
1) OSD_File never create a socket by WSASocket or socket (to create a socket there should be WSAStartup call before)
2) OSD_File never can own a windows socket handle
3) FLAG_SOCKET and OSD_SOCKET macros are some kind of rudiment of old life.

... and I suggest three things:
1) To remove the unrealized support of sockets from code
2) To review the support of pipes
3) To remove the linking of wsock32.lib from all executables
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