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0033220Open CASCADEPRODUCTS:IFC Importpublic2023-03-06 19:38
ReporteratychiniAssigned Todpasukhi  
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version7.7.0 
Target VersionUnscheduled 
Summary0033220: IFC Import - Problem on debug linkage
DescriptionSpecifying paths to IfcParse debug libraries (3RDPARTY_IfcParse_DLL_DEBUG, 3RDPARTY_IfcParse_DLL_DIR_DEBUG, 3RDPARTY_IfcParse_LIB_DEBUG, 3RDPARTY_IfcParse_LIB_DIR_DEBUG) don't leads to linking TKXDEIFC and TKIfcGeom with this library.
But if variables 3RDPARTY_IfcParse_DLL, 3RDPARTY_IfcParse_DLL_DIR, 3RDPARTY_IfcParse_LIB, 3RDPARTY_IfcParse_LIB_DIR defines debug libraries, debug mode linkage will finish successfully. Note that when you specify the paths in this way, cmake will add postfix "d" on the corresponding debug paths (e.g. if you set 3RDPARTY_IfcParse_LIB_DIR="d:/ifc4/install/libd", when value of 3RDPARTY_IfcParse_LIB_DIR_DEBUG will be replaced with "d:/ifc4/install/libdd")
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