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0033196Open CASCADEOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2022-11-11 16:41
Reporteratereshi Assigned Tomsv  
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Product Version7.7.0 
Target Version7.7.1 
Summary0033196: Modeling Algorithms - SameParameters makes self intersecting edge
DescriptionDuring shape healing procedure I've got face with 1 wire and 7 edges.
The second edge is of interest.
Unlike other edges, it received a 3d curve due to the processing of an adjacent face.
When sameparameter algorithm of shape healing process is applied to the edge, it makes it self-intersecting.
I reproduced the behavior using the DRAW command edgesameparam.
Steps To Reproducepload TOPTEST
binrestore [locate_data office_f.brep] f
checkshape f
explode f e
edgesameparam f_2
checkshape f
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2022-11-11 16:28

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office_f.brep (8,264 bytes)

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