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0033176CommunityOCCT:Foundation Classespublic2022-10-19 23:52
Reporterirschcaldsh Assigned Toabv  
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PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu 20.04 
Product Version7.5.3 
Summary0033176: UnitsAPI::AnyToAny reports incorrect unit conversion or segfaults when called with example arguments from API Documentation
DescriptionThe documentation for UnitsAPI::AnyToAny includes an example for converting inches to millimeters. However, when I call UnitsAPI::AnyToAny with the arguments from the example, I get `Units_Measurement: can not convert - incorrect unit => result is not correct` spammed to stderr, and a value of 1.0 is returned, regardless of what is specified for the 'aData' argument. Re-arranging the arguments in the example to convert from millimeters to inches results in a segmentation fault.
Steps To Reproduce#include <UnitsAPI.hxx>

/** ... */

   double inchesToMM = UnitsAPI::AnyToAny(1.0, "in.", "millimeter"); // <= Returns 1.0 rather than 25.4 and prints "Units_Measurement: can not convert - incorrect unit => result is not correct" to stderr
   double inchesToMM = UnitsApi::AnyToAny(1.0, "millimeter", "in."); // <= Segmentation Fault
Additional information
and documentation updates
The call stack of the segmentation fault is:!TCollection_AsciiString::TCollection_AsciiString(TCollection_AsciiString const&)!Units_Token::Divide(opencascade::handle<Units_Token> const&) const!operator/(opencascade::handle<Units_Token> const&, opencascade::handle<Units_Token> const&)!Units_Measurement::Convert(char const*)!Units::Convert(double, char const*, char const*)

This is from a debug build of OCCT 7.5.3, but apparently CMake strips the binaries of the debug build for some reason, so I'm not sure exactly where or why the crash is occurring.
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