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0033164CommunityOCCT:Releasepublic2022-10-21 08:28
Reporterboomanaiden154 Assigned Toboomanaiden154  
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Product Version7.6.3 
Summary0033164: OpenCascade fails to compile with VTK 9.2.2
DescriptionCurrently, OpenCascade fails to compile with VTK 9.2.2 due to the addition of some includes within VTK itself that are included in the implementation of VtkDraw_Interactor that conflict with some of the X11 includes within the GLX headers (particularly Status within VTK which is defined to be int within X11/Xlib.h). This popped up while I was working on updating VTK on Alpine Linux, and will probably be useful more generally as other distros/users begin to use VTK 9.2.2 with OpenCascade. Assigning to myself as I already have a patch written and just need to upload it to get it merged.
Steps To ReproduceCompile OpenCascade 7.6.3 with VTK 9.2.2 on Linux.
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2022-10-10 21:23


x11vtkconflict.patch (416 bytes)


2022-10-10 21:39

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Branch CR33164 has been created by boomanaiden154.

SHA-1: 7f523af8e8a63ee17d8fc26f107c191cd51dcd44

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Author: Aiden Grossman
Date: Mon Oct 10 11:25:13 2022 -0700

    Fix naming conflict between X11 headers and VTK 9.2.2+
    Currently, the GLX headers include the X11 headers which use a
    preprocessor define to make Status an int. However, VTK has a class
    called Status, and this define replaces this class name with int which
    results in compilation errors. This patch undefs Status and Success,
    which are both defined in the X11 headers if they exist so that there
    are no conflicts within the VTK headers for newer versions.


2022-10-15 01:17

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