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0033163CommunityOCCT:Meshpublic2022-11-02 13:53
Reporterfestive-shrimp Assigned Tooan  
Status verifiedResolutionfixed 
PlatformLinuxOSUbuntu 20.04 
Product Version7.6.3 
Target Version7.7.0 
Summary0033163: Bad definition of values in IMeshData_Status
DescriptionThe flag IMeshData_UserBreak has value 0x160, which is a number with three bits equal to 1. Thus, anything setting the flag IMeshData_UserBreak will also set the completely unrelated flags IMeshData_TooFewPoints (0x20) and IMeshData_Outdated (0x40), which is likely not what is desired.

Also, even if that flag is not set, testing for IMeshData_UserBreak may not work as expected, since ANDing with IMeshData_UserBreak may give a non-zero value if either IMeshData_TooFewPoints or IMeshData_Outdated is set.
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Additional information
and documentation updates
You can find the enum values in the documentation here for 7.6.*:
Or the for the newest version:
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2022-10-19 00:49

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Author: oan
Date: Wed Oct 19 00:49:02 2022 +0300

    0033163: Bad definition of values in IMeshData_Status
    Corrected value of status enum


2022-10-19 11:28

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occt: master a24391a1

2022-10-19 00:49:02


Committer: smoskvin Details Diff
0033163: Bad definition of values in IMeshData_Status

Corrected value of status enum
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mod - src/IMeshData/IMeshData_Status.hxx Diff File

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