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0033143Open CASCADEOCCT:Meshpublic2022-09-14 14:21
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Summary0033143: Mesh - Extrusion surfaces: Add regulation for number of points generated along V direction
DescriptionIssue 0032241 introduces new approach to generate surface points in case of surfaces of extrusion type.
It takes into account parameters of base NURBS curve to determine minimum number of points along V direction in order to provide initially smooth geometry upon distorted boundary like 0029641 and reduce possibility of inducing of higher distortions during mesh optimization process caused by imprecise nature of triangle deflection check.
However, in some cases number of points along V direction could be less or greater than subjectively required (if surface is long or thin enough) to keep presentation well.
This issue suggests to reconsider implemented approach and add some scale factor that allows to regulate number of points along V direction to take this cause into account.
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