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0033091CommunityOCCT:Releasepublic2023-09-29 17:27
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Platform64-bitOSGentoo Linux 
Product Version7.6.2 
Summary0033091: Build failure with LTO (-Werror=odr)
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I received a bug report[1] where building v7.6.2 fails when LTO is used. The issue is about the One Definition Rule of modern C++ standards:

FAILED: lin64/gcc/libi/
/var/tmp/portage/sci-libs/opencascade-7.6.2-r1/work/occt-V7_6_2/src/XCAFDoc/XCAFDoc_Datum.cxx:37:6: error: type ‘ChildLab’ violates the C++ One Definition Rule [-Werror=odr]

You can find a complete build log attached to the bug report on If desired, I can upload the log file here as well.

Building with LTO is currently undergoing a systematic test review on Gentoo, so this issue is probably not new, but was just unrecognized as a warning, if people were already using LTO.

I can filter out such flags as a quick hack, but for the long term it would be more interesting what your plans are for LTO strictness of future releases.


Steps To Reproduce* Add -flto and -Werror=odr to CFLAGS
* Configure the package with -DBUILD_DOC_Overview=no -DBUILD_Inspector=no -DBUILD_RELEASE_DISABLE_EXCEPTIONS=OFF -DINSTALL_DIR_BIN=lib64/opencascade/bin -DINSTALL_DIR_CMAKE=lib64/cmake/opencascade -DINSTALL_DIR_DATA=share/opencascade/data -DINSTALL_DIR_DOC=share/doc/opencascade-7.6.2-r1 -DINSTALL_DIR_INCLUDE=include/opencascade -DINSTALL_DIR_LIB=lib64/opencascade -DINSTALL_DIR_RESOURCE=share/opencascade/resources -DINSTALL_DIR_SAMPLES=share/opencascade/samples -DINSTALL_DIR_SCRIPT=lib64/opencascade/bin -DINSTALL_DIR_WITH_VERSION=OFF -DINSTALL_SAMPLES=no -DINSTALL_TEST_CASES=NO -DUSE_D3D=NO -DUSE_DRACO=OFF -DUSE_EIGEN=no -DUSE_FFMPEG=no -DUSE_FREEIMAGE=no -DUSE_FREETYPE=ON -DUSE_GLES2=no -DUSE_OPENVR=OFF -DUSE_RAPIDJSON=no -DUSE_TBB=no -DUSE_VTK=no -DUSE_XLIB=ON -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=RelWithDebInfo
* Build the package
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2022-10-08 15:23

reporter   ~0111442

FYI, this is still present in 7.7.0_beta when building with gcc. Gonna attach the build log.

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