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0032956CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2022-05-02 22:02
Reporterjensgw Assigned Toazv  
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PlatformLinux 64bit 
Product Version7.5.0 
Summary0032956: Wrong declaration in header of BRepFeat_MakeLinearForm
DescriptionWrong declaration in header of BRepFeat_MakeLinearForm

The header states (hxx):
Standard_EXPORT void TransformShapeFU (const Standard_Integer flag);

The actual implementation states (cxx):
Standard_Boolean BRepFeat_Form::TransformShapeFU(const Standard_Integer flag)

The cxx version is correct, at boolean is returned.
Steps To ReproduceCompare hxx and cxx of BRepFeat_MakeLinearForm
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2022-05-02 22:02

developer   ~0108283

BRepFeat_MakeLinearForm does not inherit BRepFeat_Form. The method TransformShapeFU is declared but not implemented in BRepFeat_MakeLinearForm. And as it is not used from anywhere this declaration can be considered as erroneous.

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