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0032816CommunityOCCT:Configurationpublic2022-02-05 11:58
Reporteraothms Assigned Toinv 
Status newResolutionopen 
PlatformWindowsOSVC++ 2015 
Product Version7.5.3 
Summary0032816: Configuration, CMake - occt_macros.cmake trips over double + in path
DescriptionOriginally reported here

I have a user who's building occt in a path containing "C++"

On L569 your script tries to parse a subdir as a regex, which would fail in this case with the following message:

RegularExpression::compile(): Nested *?+.
RegularExpression::compile(): Error in compile.

Because indeed ++ is not a valid regex part

(I filed it under WOK because I don't see a cmake/build category)
Steps To ReproduceCheckout occt in a directory containing ++ and build using cmake.
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