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0032786Open CASCADEOCCT:Documentationpublic2023-08-01 15:08
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Summary0032786: Documentation - Doxygen 1.9 shows raw HTML tags within section headers
DescriptionDoxygen 1.9 generates headers like this:
 Use < em >sizeof()< /em > to calculate sizes [MANDATORY]
 Use < em >OSD::SetSignal()< /em > to catch exceptions

from dox/contribution/
### Use *sizeof()* to calculate sizes [MANDATORY]
### Use *OSD::SetSignal()* to catch exceptions

It seems that this is a bug in Doxygen:

Older versions have the same issue with headers, but it didn't appear for this article.
Newer versions have an option `TOC_INCLUDE_HEADINGS` set to 5 by default, so that these headers are now added to table of content.
Disabling this feature allows to fix unexpected generation output:

The following options might be considered:
- Wait for a bugfix in Doxygen itself;
- Disable TOC generation from MarkDown headers (TOC_INCLUDE_HEADINGS=0);
- Remove extra formatting from headers.
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