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0032753Open CASCADEOCCT:Visualizationpublic2024-04-08 18:13
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Summary0032753: Visualization, TKOpenGl - bake 360 spherical panorama background into cubemap
DescriptionTKOpenGl provides an interface for setting 360 degrees image-based background in two ways:
- As 360 spherical image `V3d_View::SetTextureEnv()` - legacy API supported by Ray-Tracing renderer (`Graphic3d_RenderingParams::UseEnvironmentMapBackground`) and by legacy OpenGL material model (unused in modern applications).
- As a cubemap image `V3d_View::SetBackgroundCubeMap()` - supported by Ray-Tracing renderer as well as a PBR rasterization renderer.

It is proposed to unify rendering logic and implement baking of 360-degrees spherical image into cubemap (as 0032606 does for a skybox), so that rendering logic supporting spherical images as alternative to cubemap could be dropped, and PBR renderer will be able to handle sphetrical panoramas.

As a further revision, `Graphic3d_CubeMap` might inherit base class `Graphic3d_TextureEnv`.
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related to 0032754 assigned Visualization, TKOpenGl - Phong shading model ignores environment cubemap 


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