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0032657CommunityOCCT:Visualizationpublic2022-10-19 15:50
Reportereryar Assigned Tovpozdyayev 
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PlatformWindowsOSVC++ 2015 
Product Version7.6.0 
Target Version7.8.0 
Summary0032657: Visualization - Select Wireframe Shape when Display in Wireframe Mode
DescriptionWhen switch Shading (S + Ctrl) to Wireframe (W + Ctrl) display mode, the sensitive entity is remain the Triangulation not wire or curve, thus the shape behind cannot be selected directly.
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2021-11-12 11:12

developer   ~0105140

It doesn't matter which display mode is used for AIS_Shape - Wireframe or Shaded.
In both cases selection is computed in the same way based on triangulation - this is by design (e.g. not a bug).

If it doesn't work for you - consider sub-classing AIS_Shape (by overriding ::ComputeSelection()) or contributing to OCCT, and implementing it in a different way - like exploding shape into wires and building selection from it (this wouldn't handle Isolines though, since they are not part of shape definition).


2021-11-12 13:31

developer   ~0105143

Hello Kirill,

Yes, this is not a bug. The selection mode has no relation with display mode, it is set by AIS_InteractiveContext::Activate().

When display shapes in Wireframe mode, selection will be more intuitive and efficiency that the Wireframe shape can be selected, because less overlap.

I will try it and contribute when it works.


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