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0032504CommunityOCCT:Visualizationpublic2023-08-01 15:09
ReporterVico Liang Assigned Tovpozdyayev 
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version7.5.2 
Target VersionUnscheduled 
Summary0032504: Visualization, TKOpenGles - Crash inside drawArray on android platform
DescriptionIt's frequently crashing inside method OpenGl_PrimitiveArray::drawArray in latest update to occt752. the crash stack as below:

Huawei Y9 Prime 2019
TCT (Alcatel) Alcatel 1S
Sony Xperia XZ3
Samsung Galaxy S8+

  #00 pc 00000000013edf58 /data/app/ (OpenGl_PrimitiveArray::drawArray(opencascade::handle<OpenGl_Workspace> const&, NCollection_Vec4<float> const*, bool) const)
  #00 pc 00000000013ef660 /data/app/ (OpenGl_PrimitiveArray::Render(opencascade::handle<OpenGl_Workspace> const&) const)
  #00 pc 00000000013ebcd4 /data/app/ (OpenGl_Group::Render(opencascade::handle<OpenGl_Workspace> const&) const)
  #00 pc 00000000013a0b2c /data/app/ (OpenGl_Structure::renderGeometry(opencascade::handle<OpenGl_Workspace> const&, bool&) const)
  #00 pc 00000000013a10dc /data/app/ (OpenGl_Structure::Render(opencascade::handle<OpenGl_Workspace> const&) const)
  #00 pc 00000000013d7ab8 /data/app/ (OpenGl_LayerList::renderLayer(opencascade::handle<OpenGl_Workspace> const&, OpenGl_GlobalLayerSettings const&, Graphic3d_Layer const&) const)
  #00 pc 00000000013d8210 /data/app/ (OpenGl_LayerList::Render(opencascade::handle<OpenGl_Workspace> const&, bool, OpenGl_LayerFilter, OpenGl_FrameBuffer*, OpenGl_FrameBuffer*) const)
  #00 pc 00000000013b6a58 /data/app/ (OpenGl_View::renderStructs(Graphic3d_Camera::Projection, OpenGl_FrameBuffer*, OpenGl_FrameBuffer*, bool))
  #00 pc 00000000013b6ccc /data/app/ (OpenGl_View::renderScene(Graphic3d_Camera::Projection, OpenGl_FrameBuffer*, OpenGl_FrameBuffer*, bool))
  #00 pc 00000000013b65e8 /data/app/ (OpenGl_View::render(Graphic3d_Camera::Projection, OpenGl_FrameBuffer*, OpenGl_FrameBuffer*, bool))
  #00 pc 00000000013b5d74 /data/app/ (OpenGl_View::redraw(Graphic3d_Camera::Projection, OpenGl_FrameBuffer*, OpenGl_FrameBuffer*))
  #00 pc 00000000013b2954 /data/app/ (OpenGl_View::Redraw())
  #00 pc 00000000013f92e8 /data/app/ (V3d_View::Redraw() const)
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related to 0032435 newvpozdyayev Visualization, TKOpenGles - crash inside Opengl ES on Adreno 506 android devices 


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2021-07-30 17:03 Vico Liang New Issue
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2021-07-30 17:06 Vico Liang Description Updated
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2021-08-24 14:56 kgv Summary Crash inside drawArray on android platform => Visualization, TKOpenGles - Crash inside drawArray on android platform
2021-09-09 21:31 kgv Target Version 7.6.0 => 7.7.0
2022-08-17 11:55 kgv Target Version 7.7.0 => 7.8.0
2022-10-19 15:49 smoskvin Assigned To kgv => vpozdyayev
2023-08-01 15:09 dpasukhi Target Version 7.8.0 => Unscheduled