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0032501CommunityOCCT:Visualizationpublic2022-10-19 15:50
Reporterctech Assigned Tovpozdyayev 
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PlatformWindowsOSVC++ 2015 
Product Version7.5.1 
Summary0032501: Visualization - Show/Hide on Parent/Child is not working properly
DescriptionWhen an AIS_Object is created with a child object with AIS_InteractiveContext::Display(rShape, rShape->DisplayMode(), 0, Standard_False, DisplayStatus);
then when recursively hiding the parent AIS_Object does not work the first time. After re-showing it and re-hiding it, it works as expected.
Strangely replacing "rShape->DisplayMode()" by "1" makes it also works as expected
Steps To ReproduceSee attached MFC demo-project
1) Run and click in menu on Thorus->Add directly
2) Click in menu on Thorus->Hide All => nothing happens
3) Click in menu on Thorus->Show All
4) Click again in menu on Thorus->Hide All => now the Thorus dissappears

In the example code the problem is also illustrated:
Problem: GetThorus(true /*bool bAttachToPoint:set to true to show problem*/);
Problem: GetThorus(false/*bool bAttachToPoint:no problem*/);
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Have you checked scenario on OCCT 7.6.0 beta?

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