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0032369Open CASCADEWebsite:Portalpublic2023-03-07 14:07
Reporterkgv Assigned Toemo 
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Summary0032369: Website - login on Forum topic redirects to an invalid page
DescriptionWhen trying to Login on Forum topic to reply, the Login form redirects to invalid page.
This might be related to SSO integration.

Notice that "Login" URL on the forum page encodes one slash with "%23" symbol, which looks like error on Dev Portal side:

Replacing this symbol manually in URL allows SSO login redirecting to the Forum topic:
Steps To ReproduceSteps:
- Open any Forum topic, like this one:
- Click onto "Login" to reply link like this one:
- Input correct credentials.

Expected results:
- Returning to Forum topic to reply form.

Actual results:
- "Page not found" error
  "The requested page "/node/81581%23comment-form" could not be found."
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2021-05-14 09:17


occt_dev_portal_forum_login_KO.png (19,522 bytes)

Vera Sdobnova

2021-05-14 16:24

administrator   ~0100999

The issue was reviewed by Pavel Shubin. He supposes it is caused by SSO setup. Please assign it to Eugeny Maslov to check.


2021-05-14 16:31

developer   ~0101000

Vera, you may assign bug to Eugeny (emo) on this bugtracker.

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