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0032128CommunityOCCT:Data Exchangepublic2022-10-19 15:55
Reporterrobertlipman Assigned Tovpozdyayev 
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Product Version7.5.0 
Summary0032128: CAD Assistant, XDE - Assimp cannot import X3D file to CAD Assistant
DescriptionThe attached X3D file cannot be imported to CAD Assistant. The issue is with the 'onclick' and 'id' tags in the file. Removing them solves the problem. Other X3D viewers (Octaga Player and Instant Reality) do not have a problem displaying the X3D file.
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  • cube111.x3d (1,141 bytes)
  • cube222.x3d (1,058 bytes)



2021-02-11 19:03


cube111.x3d (1,141 bytes)


2021-02-12 10:59


cube222.x3d (1,058 bytes)


2021-02-12 11:04

developer   ~0098841

Last edited: 2021-02-12 11:05

I've tried to take a look onto X3D reader in development branch of Assimp library to see if there is a difference in reading this file,
but instead observed just a laconic commit "3MF: Migration" just removing the whole parser (but not import plugin itself) in the August '2020:

Don't know how X3D could be related to 3MF - probably authors wanted to refactor all XML parsers in the project, but forget putting a TODO to removed code...


2021-11-11 21:28

developer   ~0105134

Seems X3D reader has been finally rewritten in Assimp - will need to check if it is still affected by this bug after Assimp 5.1 release:

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