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0031941Open CASCADEOCCT:Testspublic2023-08-01 15:06
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Summary0031941: Tests - some test cases in lowalgos/intss are wrong
DescriptionTest lowalgos/intss/bug29972_4 was speciality designed for diagnose possible loops (self-intersections) of curve, which is result of intersection bspline surface and plane. Now test is considered as OK - intersection curve is good and has no loops.
Really intersection curve is wrong and has loop, see attached picture.
Algorithm of test is wrong.

Test lowalgos/intss/buc60623_3 is wrong.
In test script topological command "checksection" is applied for geometry object - curve and always return "good" result:
mksurface S1 a
mksurface S2 b

intersect I1 S1 S2
regexp {nb alone Vertices : ([-0-9.+eE]+)} [checksection I1] full cs2
if { $cs2 != 0 } {
    puts " Faulty : Intersection is not correct"
} else {
    puts "Intersection of S1 and S2 is correct"

This test tests nothing.

Test lowalgos/intss/bug139 is wrong.
The same reason as for buc60623_3
Steps To ReproduceRun test lowalgos/intss/bug29972_4 and zoom middle part of result curve.
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related to 0029501 assignedmsv Open CASCADE Modeling Algorithms - Intersection algorithm produces the curve with loop 



2020-11-16 15:20


curveloop.jpg (16,226 bytes)

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