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0031806Open CASCADEOCCT:Configurationpublic2022-04-07 14:52
Reporterkgv Assigned Tobugmaster  
Status newResolutionopen 
Product Version7.4.0 
Target Version7.7.0 
Summary0031806: Configuration - Visual Studio 2019 bugs
DescriptionThis is just a meta issue to collect all problems found in OCCT related to Visual Studio 2019 compiler bugs.
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parent of 0031782 closedbugmaster Open CASCADE Modeling Algorithms - Regressions on VS 2019 (vc142) on fillet tests 
parent of 0031628 closedbugmaster Community Configuration - Visual Studio 2019 compiler hangs on building 32-bit target 
parent of 0031781 closedifv Open CASCADE Modeling Algorithms - ChFi3d_Builder throws an exception when built with Visual Studio 2019 
parent of 0032869 newddzama Open CASCADE Coding Rules, NCollection_Vector - remove workaround against VS2019 compiler bug 
parent of 0032885 feedbackbugmaster Open CASCADE Foundation Classes - Problem with NCollection on VS2019/C++20 
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