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0031797CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2022-10-24 10:40
Reporterrickg Assigned Tovmigunov 
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Product Version7.4.0 
Target Version7.8.0 
Summary0031797: Modeling Algorithms - Fillet/chamfer fails when applying any (null) GTransform
DescriptionI've found that applying fillet/chamfer on a cylinder with radius equal to the cylinder radius fails when any (null) BRepBuilderAPI_GTransform is applied (and in contrast works with no applied transform).

Steps To Reproduce
TopoDS_Shape shape = BRepPrimAPI_MakeCylinder(0.2,1).Shape();

gp_GTrsf trsf;
shape = BRepBuilderAPI_GTransform(shape, trsf); // Uncommenting this works.

BRepFilletAPI_MakeFillet fillet(shape);
TopExp_Explorer edge_explorer(shape, TopAbs_EDGE);
while ( edge_explorer.More() ) {
  TopoDS_Edge edge = TopoDS::Edge(edge_explorer.Current());
  fillet.Add(0.2, edge);
shape = fillet.Shape();
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2022-08-10 14:00

developer   ~0110167

Chamfer applying works correctly even with null transformation. Fillet maker fails for cylinder approximation by BSpline. Null transformations do the approximation.

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