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0031796Open CASCADEOCCT:Data Exchangepublic2023-03-06 19:21
Reporterdpasukhi Assigned Togka 
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Summary0031796: Data Exchange, DGT - support new types of datum target
DescriptionAttached STEP files, written by SolidWorks, contains PLACED_DATUM_TARGET_FEATURE with 'curve' and 'circular curve' descriptions.
XCAFDimTolObjects_DatumTargetType don't contain this types, so STEPCAFControl_GDTProperty.cxx does not handle it.
The Description of PLACED_DATUM_TARGET_FEATURE can be ['point','line','rectangle','circle','circular curve'];
And according "Recommended practices" it can be 'area'.
Therefore, 'curve' — is unknown type, 'circular curve' — is unsupported.

PLACED_DATUM_TARGET_FEATURE with description 'circular curve' should be translated like a 'circle', i.e. it shared by
Shape_Representation_With_Parameters and contains a DERIVE parameter "target diameter"

Update STEPCAFControl_Reader and STEPCAFControl_GDTProperty is not enough.
Need to update STEPCAFControl_Writer Products_SRC/src/PMIVis/PMIVis_Exchange.cxx
(In this code exist switch case with this enum (Line : 1431)) and check valid integration a new type in all products (at least update all switch cases for this enum)

If possible, need to update XDEDRAW_GDTs and src/XCAFDimTolObjects/*
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ReadStep D d:/NIST_FTC_06_ASME1_RD_SW1802.STP
XDumpNbDGTs D f
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  • NIST_FTC_06_ASME1_RD_SW1802.STP (3,211,505 bytes)


child of 0031685 closedbugmaster Community Data Exchange, STEPCAFControl_Reader - NULL dereference on translating PLACED_DATUM_TARGET_FEATURE 



2020-09-25 16:58


NIST_FTC_06_ASME1_RD_SW1802.STP (3,211,505 bytes)

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