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0031699CommunityOCCT:VISpublic2021-03-29 16:18
Reporterjensgw Assigned Tobugmaster  
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Product Version7.3.0 
Target Version7.5.0Fixed in Version7.5.0 
Summary0031699: IVtkOCC_ShapePickerAlgo.cxx is missing a break in a switch/case starting at line 132
DescriptionIVtkOCC_ShapePickerAlgo.cxx is missing a break in a switch/case starting at line 132.

It looks like the case SelectMgr_TOU_Full is missing a break.
RebuildObjectsTree() is called already, so a fallthrough to SelectMgr_TOU_Partial should not be needed.
If the fallthrough is intended, this error report is proof that such coding practice can lead to confusion and I would ask you to refactor.

 switch (aSel->UpdateStatus())
      case SelectMgr_TOU_Full:
        // Recompute the sensitive primitives which correspond to the mode.
        myViewerSelector->RemoveSelectionOfObject (aSelObj, aSelObj->Selection (theMode));
        aSelObj->RecomputePrimitives (theMode);
        myViewerSelector->AddSelectionToObject (aSelObj, aSelObj->Selection (theMode));
        myViewerSelector->RebuildSensitivesTree (aSelObj);
// here should be a break;
      case SelectMgr_TOU_Partial:
          if (aSelObj->HasTransformation())
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related to 0031765 closedbugmaster Open CASCADE Coding Rules - eliminate GCC compiler warnings -Wcatch-value in IVtk 



2020-08-04 19:32

reporter   ~0093431

Product Version is 7.4.0. But that can not be selected in the dropdown.


2021-03-26 06:41

developer   ~0099752

Fixed by 0031765, please close the issue.

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