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0031567CommunityOCCT:Data Exchangepublic2023-03-24 15:33
Reporterventu Assigned Togka 
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Product Version7.4.0 
Summary0031567: Data Exchange - Imported STeP model is missing two surfaces
Description(This is really on 7.4.0, but that version is not available for selection).

I analyzed one of the two surfaces (#586) and I see two problems.

A) EDGE_CURVE #49 is a NURBS with parametrization [0,1]: it's closed but not periodic.
It's limited by the same vertex, which projects at 0.997..., so its parametrization should become [0.997...,1.997...]. However, at StepToTopoDS_GeometricTool.cxx:305, these values are reset to [0,1].

B) Don't know if this is related to the above, but the face imports with 2 trimming edges, while in the STeP file there are 4.

So the resulting loop doesn't make much sense.
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2020-05-15 15:44


STOCK_IMPELLER.STEP (72,569 bytes)

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