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0031453CommunityOCCT:Modeling Algorithmspublic2023-08-01 15:08
Reporterblobfish Assigned Toszy  
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Product Version7.4.0 
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Summary0031453: Modeling Algorithms - simple chamfer smashes vertex tolerance
Descriptionchamfering a box causes the new vertices to have a much looser tolerance than expected. A simple blend in the same condition keeps Precision::Confusion.
Steps To Reproduce
box b 20 20 20
explode b E
chamf c b b_1 1.0
maxtolerance c

## Tolerances on the shape c  (nbFaces:7  nbEdges:15 nbVtx:10)

    Face   : Min 1.00000e-07    Max  1.00000e-07 
    Edge   : Min 1.00000e-07    Max  1.00000e-07 
    Vertex : Min 1.00000e-07    Max  1.00000e-04 
Additional information
and documentation updates
occt 7.4, actually 8bfae263c1
I have not tested with an older version, but I believe this is a regression as I haven't noticed this behavior before.
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2020-03-20 21:10

developer   ~0091096

We should check if it is a regression.


2021-04-01 14:15

reporter   ~0099946

  tolreached is never set for plane to plane intersection. So the edge
  tolerance is set to the 'loose' input tolerance and vertex tolerances
  are established from the edge. Interestingly, the edge tolerance
  gets fixed in a later 'SameParameter' operation and we are just
  left with the 'loose' vertex tolerances.

I was able to fix this by inserting:
  'tolreached = Min(tolreached,ChFi3d_EvalTolReached(S1,Pc1,S2,Pc2,C3d));'

  That function call is probably overkill in a 'plane to plane'
  intersection, but it was the least intrusive change I could come up,
  short of just assigning precision::confusion. This appears to fix
  the problem, but I have NOT done any regression tests. I looked into
  using tolr1 and tolr2, but they are never updated by
  ProjLib_ProjectedCurve in the planar case.
    ChFi3d_Builder_0.cxx:3180 to:
    ChFi3d_Builder_0.cxx:1185 to:

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