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0031411Open CASCADE[OCCT] OCCT:Application Frameworkpublic2020-03-05 19:582020-05-04 09:18
Assigned Tobugmaster 
StatusclosedResolutionunable to reproduce 
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Product Version[OCCT] 7.4.0 
Target Version[OCCT] 7.5.0Fixed in Version 
Summary0031411: Application Framework - Undo buffer is limitless in TDocStd_Document
DescriptionIf one sets the limit for the undo buffer of TDocStd_Document object via calling TDocStd_Document::SetUndoLimit() method the passed value is not taken into account and the undo buffer stays limitless. It is because the line myUndos.RemoveFirst(); in TDocStd_Document::CommitTransaction() method is disabled from the compilation by the macro SRN_DELTA_COMPACT that is simply defined at the beginning of TDocStd_Document.cxx source file.
Steps To ReproduceThis issue is not reproducible.
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mpv (developer)
2020-04-21 16:29

I can not reproduce this problem. SetUndoLimit works correctly and TDocStd_Document::CommitTransaction() works fine. The following test script in Draw may be used to check it:
pload ALL
NewDocument D BinOcaf
UndoLimit D 3
NewCommand D
Label D 0:1
SetReal D 0:1 1.1
NewCommand D
SetReal D 0:1 2.2
NewCommand D
SetReal D 0:1 3.3
NewCommand D
SetReal D 0:1 4.4
NewCommand D
SetReal D 0:1 5.5
CommitCommand D
Undo D
Undo D
Undo D
Undo D
=====> Undo not done
GetReal D 0:1
=====> 2.2000000000000002

Also, I found that RemoveFirst does not disabled in the CommitTransaction:

          Handle(TDF_Delta) aDelta = myUndos.First();
          if(myFromUndo == aDelta) {

Dear tizmaylo, could you describe how do you reproduce the problem?
tizmaylo (developer)
2020-04-21 18:59

I'm sorry, this issue is not relevant to OCCT, it was the internal problem in our project. This issue should be closed.
mpv (developer)
2020-04-22 09:15

Dear Bugmaster, please close this issue. Nothing to do with it.

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