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0031368Open CASCADEOCCT:Modeling Datapublic2023-08-01 15:06
Reporterkgv Assigned Tosshutina  
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Summary0031368: Modeling data - extend BRepPrimAPI_MakeCone,BRepPrimAPI_MakeCylinder,BRepPrimAPI_MakeSphere with preview shape creation
DescriptionAlgorithms within BRepPrimAPI package either create Solid shape or throw exception on invalid parameters (like zero thickness / radius / height). In application context with interactive input it is helpful displaying a "preview" object even in case if some parameters not yet entered / entered incorrectly to provide visual feedback in 3D Viewer. For such scenarios, it would be helpful extending standard algorithms with an option to create a "preview" shape and indicate incompleteness not within object construction, but through IsDone() and Solid() methods.

This has been introduced for BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox within 0031336, and now can be propagated to other common primitives - Cone, Cylinder and Sphere (conceptually it can be further propagated to all BRepPrimAPI classes within next iteration). The patch should update related Draw Harness commands in addition to C++ classes.
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related to 0031336 closedbugmaster Modeling data - extend BRepPrimAPI_MakeBox with planar shape creation 


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