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0031214Open CASCADEOCCT:Codingpublic2023-08-01 15:09
ReportertizmayloAssigned Tovpozdyayev 
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Summary0031214: Coding - minor improvements of opencascade::handle class template
  1. A strange compilation error is issued when the template argument T of the opencascade::handle<T> class template is not derived from Standard_Transient. It would be nice to add a static assertion to the opencascade::handle<T> class template to make error message clearer.
  2. A strange behavior of the opencascade::handle<T> class template is observed with incomplete type T. It looks like that no compilation error is issued even when destructor of opencascade::handle<T>::~handle is called for incomplete T.
  3. It may be useful to add overloads that take an object of the type std::nullptr_t as an argument for constructor, assignment operator and reset() method of the opencascade::handle<T> class template using compilers that support C++11 and higher. nullptr may be used as a default argument for such overload of the reset() method.
  4. There is no operator ->* in the opencascade::handle<T> class template. It may be useful in operations with pointers to methods of the class T. Currently the following code
    should be written instead of
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